Hi Everyone,


With the end of summer season right around the corner, now is the time of the year that I look my 2011 revenue to see how things compare to the goals I set. wifi.JPG


For most of my properties, I am on target to reach my goals (and happy to report, a couple properties are ahead of my goals.) But, there are a couple of properties that I had to “step it up” in order to keep myself on target. So what does “step it up” mean to me? Well that means that I have to be more diligent about calling and emailing renters as soon as they inquire (you know—the early bird gets the worm).


Everyone hates last-minute openings and I am no exception. As the dates grow nearer, your chances of getting a booking decrease significantly. I still had some openings for the end of this month so I’d better get a move on it because once those dates have passed the opportunity is gone. To entice renters, I decided to run a special. For the last 2 weeks of August and first couple weeks of September, I ran “Rent 3 nights, get the 4th night ½ price” or “Rent 3 nights, get the 4th night free” (of course, Labor Day weekend is excluded).

As soon as I ran that special, the bookings started to roll in which put me back on track to meet my goals for 2011. Sometimes it just takes a tweak her and a tweak there to get those bookings!


I’m going to close today’s blogpost with a funny thing that happened to me this week.


I was on the road and I received an inquiry from a prospective renter. In the comment’s field, they asked if there was free wifi in my cabin. I responded with my Blackberry, "Yes the cabin comes with free wifi".  The renter responded, “Thanks but already have one wife; I cannot handle two.”


A bid confused by their response I scrolled down to the original conversation. Apparently the spell-checker on my Blackberry changed the word "wifi" to "wife". So my response to them actually read, "Yes the cabin comes with free wife."


They ended up booking


Happy Renting by Owner! 

Christine Karpinski