Hi Everyone!


cancelled.JPGHope you’re having a great summer rental season.


Last week was another “first” for me. This time it was not with my vacation rentals but with my seminars.

In 15 years of doing vacation rental seminar and traveling all over the US, Caribbean, and Europe—I have never had to cancel a seminar (well, I did have to cancel one when my appendix burst—but at least the people had a week’s notice).  I’m often on very tight travel schedules but the travel gods have always been with me. That is, until last week… I had a seminar in Boston on Tuesday and then I was onto Dallas for another seminar the next day. I made it to Boston with no problems. We had a full house and it was a great group. Then the next day I went to the airport to head to Dallas. We boarded our flight on time but within a short time of being seated they de-planned us and told us we were being significantly delayed.


The airport was mobbed and apparently there was bad weather all over the place that had grounded many planes (the weather in Boston was fine, but the receiving airports would not all us to take off). In the end, I never made it to Dallas. I’d like to express my apologies to all who were scheduled to attend that seminar. I’m sorry I missed it too.


On the vacation rental front, fall bookings seem to be coming in at a steady pace. For a couple of my properties I am on the road to have the best rental year ever! Perhaps this is because I don’t work full time for HomeAway anymore (I am just consulting now), so I am home to answer the phone and emails quickly.


Last week I got an inquiry from someone who wanted to rent one of my properties in the Gulf Coast for 3 months—January, February and March and they wanted a monthly rate for all 3 months. Even though I have these dates open, I turned them down. Why, you ask? Because I looked at my rental history and each year I have rented the entire month of March on a weekly basis. The four weeks in March alone can yield more than the monthly rate for 3 months. When booking vacation rentals, it is very important to know your past booking patterns otherwise you can make some big mistakes that end up costing big $$$ in the end. So while a booking may look promising, be sure to evaluate whether or not it would be worth it in the end.


Happy Renting!


Christine Karpinski