Hi Everyone!


I’m down in Destin for my “mid-summer’s dash in and refresh” time for my properties. This is the time of the year when I check up on housekeeping and maintenance issues, and I also restock my cleaning products, cleaning supplies, etc. In my cards this week I see some trips to the Wal-Mart (cleaning supplies), the furniture store (to replace a damaged chair), the linen store (to replace a comforter) and what trip would not be complete without a trip to my local Home Depot! And of course, I’ll sneak in a bit of beach time too.


It’s so refreshing to see all the tourists back in Destin this year. Remember these blog posts from last year? http://community.homeaway.com/blogs/christine/2010/05/07/gulf-coast-oil-spill-update It’s hard to believe that this same time last year Destin was a bit of a ghost town. The BP oil spill was a devastating disaster with no end in sight.  How quickly we all forget. Let’s just say I am so happy that the worst of this is behind us. It seems that our loyal tourists are back this year.


With the amount of tourists in town, I would venture to guess that most owners here are having a pretty good rental year. But I know, at what price? Though the tourists are back, it seems that the oil spill created or should I say has exacerbated a monster—bargain hunters!

I did an inquiry analysis for my properties and from what I can tell; it’s getting harder and harder to get quality bookings. In the past it used to take me 6-10 inquiries to get one booking. This year for my Destin properties, it seems to have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled. The one common denominator is people are shopping around for bargains. Do you think if we all double our rates next year and then run specials, “50% off” the renters would go for it? Ha! Probably not; but it’s nice to dream about it.


Christine Karpinski