beach chairs.jpgHappy Summer! Hopefully your vacation rental properties are fully booked for the summer. I know mine are!   This is the time of the year when most of us can sit back and not have to answer emails or phone calls. Right! Who am I kidding? Though the vacation rental business used to be a “seasonal” business, it seems that now it’s becoming a year-round business. While this is great news for our business, it means more work (and more revenue).


Last week I got a call from my guests who arrived at one of my properties. They arrived around 10 pm and called to say that the gas fireplace in the master bedroom was on and it was about 100 degrees in the bedroom. Couple that with outside temperature of around 105 degrees and the air conditioning could not cool properly. This fireplace has a regular wall switch that just turns it on. Apparently, the housekeeper must have switched it on by mistake and during the bright summer sunshine illuminates the room, it would make it nearly impossible to see the flames.

I am supposed to have the fireplaces turned off between April and October (for precisely this reason!).   It was my bad—I totally forgot to instruct my HVAC company when they came to do their regular spring maintenance. The next morning I had the HVAC company come over and check the AC to make sure it did not seize up AND turn off the pilot light.


Another thing I did this past week was go through all of my insurance policies and make sure that they all had the proper information. This is a task that everyone should do each year upon renewal of policies. In reviewing my policies I found that many of them had the wrong information.  Some of the things that were wrong were the number of bathrooms, number of HVAC units, carpeting listed instead of tile and/or wood flooring.  When I asked my insurance broker why the information was wrong (I know they had the correct information at one time) their response was the companies sometime just revert to their default settings. God forbid anything catastrophic happened to my property, my policies would not have paid the proper costs because they would have had the wrong info. So the moral of this story is, go check your insurance policies. Go through them with a fine-tooth comb and make sure all of your information is correct!


Have a great summer!


Christine Karpinski