Hi Everyone,


Hope your summer rentals are going well. Last weekend my son graduated from high school. We had twenty family members come into town to celebrate the major milestone in his life.  Since we have a large home, we generally just have the family stay at our home but it was just not possible for us to house twenty extra people in our home.


Being in the vacation rental industry, my first recommendation for accommodations for the family members was, of course, a vacation rental. Low and behold, there was a huge 10 acre ranch (vacation rental) right around the corner from our home that they were able to rent. I never even knew there was a vacation rental this close to our home. We’ve driven passed it a million times but never knew it was a VR.  I’m happy to say no one had to stay in a hotel.


Having the family stay in a vacation rental was really nice. It gave them (and us) the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms and the extra living space that comes with a vacation home.


So the next time you have family come into town, you might want to look for a vacation rental near your home. Here are some of the advantages from our experience.


  • I did break the rules and called the owner to see if it was okay to preview the home before booking it. She obliged. I was happy we looked because we found the house was closer than we thought and it was waaaaay nicer than it appeared on VRBO
  • As wonderful as it might be to have visitors from out of town, it’s also very nice to have them leave each night (and come back the next day)
  • It was nice to have the extra refrigerator space for drinks and such for our party
  • It was great to have the extra trash cans—I don’t know about your municipality but here in Austin, we only get one trash bin and they will not pick up anything extra that’s not in the bin
  • After everyone left, it was nice to just leave the sheets and towels in a heap and have the housekeeper take care of them. After guests leave my house, I usually spend a day washing all the extra bedding and towels!


This worked out so wonderfully that we went rented a vacation rental for our niece’s graduation in upstate NY at the end of this month. We found a place a mile from their home. I’m sure they will appreciate us NOT staying in their home too!


Happy Summer!