Grand Cayman 7 mile beach.jpgHello everyone!


Last week I was in Grand Cayman working for the Cayman Islands Tourism Association.  So for this week’s blog post I figured I would give you insights from the “renter’s point of view”.


The island is a beautiful place with some of the friendliest people around.  I stayed at the Meridian on Seven Mile Beach, in a lovely beachfront condo with a large private beach.  I had to laugh because the Ritz-Carlton was just a couple doors down.  Their guests were lined up like sardines on the beach who needs the Ritz?  Our beach was so much better—I love vacation rentals! 


I cannot take anything away from the beautiful beachfront location or the well-appointed condo but one of the amenities that I appreciated the most while there was the phone.  I know it sounds silly but they had a Vonage phone which I could make calls to the US at no charge—so I was able to take bookings for my rentals free.  If I had used my Verizon cell phone it would have been $2.00 per minute!  While this is not necessarily an amenity that guests would look for in a rental, for a mere $25 per month, I think its worthy of having and advertising this extra touch for your guests, especially if your home is outside the US.


I found all the written materials inside the home about “what to do” were mainly for things in the tourism district.   While I love to see and do the things that all the tourists do, I also like to explore other parts.  The most common question I like to ask is, “tell me the best places that the locals like to hang out”.   Because I was there for a Tourism Association gig, I met owners and property managers from all parts of the island.  One property manager was gracious enough to take a day and show me the other parts of the island—where I got to experience the deep history and culture of the island.  I truly believe if I had not ventured out of the tourist district, I would have left with a different impression of the island. Thanks Bo Miller for showing me the other parts of your island!


So if you are looking for a great place for your next vacation, I would highly recommend The Cayman Islands. 


Happy Renting,