Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving

Beyond being thankful for the things in my personal life, there are many things in my vacation rental life that I am thankful for. In no particular order, I am thankful...

  To be privileged enough to own vacation rental homes. Even though I have mortgages and need the rent to pay for the properties, let’s be real here... it is a privilege to own vacation rentals!

  To the vacation rental websites for connecting me with travelers seeking accommodations. I definitely take it for granted when I log into my email and find an inquiry.

  To each and every one of my guests who take care of my homes as if it were their own. Come on, this is everyone’s biggest worry when they start renting, but after four or five perfect guests, we all come to expect it. It’s really great that there are way more good people in the world than bad!

  For my housekeepers and maintenance staff. I feel like this one needs to be in all CAPS. I don’t take them for granted and really do realize what they do for my vacation rental business.

  For my credit card merchant account, which makes it quick and easy to process payments. It’s hard to remember back to the days when I couldn’t take a last-minute booking because there wasn’t enough time for the check to get to me.

  For my new remote locks, which makes it a breeze to allow my guests access to my homes. It’s the little things that make life easier. Gone are my worries about guests being able to get into my homes.

  To the many other vacation rental owners who I network with to collaboratively get things done. It’s nice to have others to lean on during times of need.

That I am doing something I love! This is an awesome industry!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and delicious Thanksgiving!