hourglass_sm.jpgHi Everyone!


This past week was a good week for inquiries and bookings for my cabins  in the Smoky Mountains. I have been successful in filling a couple of  gaps in my calendars with a few last-minute travelers.


It's kinda funny, the last-minute guests seem to be more appreciative  than any ol' guest who books a few months in advance. I'm not sure why  that is. Perhaps it is because they have looked and looked and  everything else was booked, but I like to believe they're happy to find  my diamond in the rough.


This month is a big sales tax month for most vacation rental owners.  For most of us who file quarterly, sales taxes for the summer months are  due in October. Reminder, if you own along the Gulf Coast and received  claims money from either BP or GCCF, you do not have to remit sales tax  on the monies received from your claim (the state and counties will be  filing their own claims). You only have to pay sales taxes on actual  rentals.