Home Sweet HomeHi everyone,

I’m back from my vacation. I stayed in a vacation rental property in Turks and Caicos and had a wonderfully relaxing vacation. Everything with my rentals was smooth sailing while I was totally unplugged from it all. Check out this photo we took from our rental (this was the private walkway down to the beach).

I came home to find out that the process for filing claims with BP has changed yet again! We now have to resubmit a new claim application because Feinberg’s office has officially taken over the claims process. Like it was not painful enough to do it once, now we all have to do it again! If you own in the Gulf Coast, be sure to re-file your claims. For all oil spill related information, be sure to go to our oil spill website.

This week I’m in San Francisco for a seminar. If you live in the Bay Area, come join me!

Happy Renting!