Hi Everyone,

I’ll be in Denver giving a seminar this evening. If you are in Denver, The specified item was not found.!

On Wednesday, I head back to Destin to gather more information for our new oil spill website. We’ll be formally releasing the website to everyone next week, but wanted to mention it here first to my loyal blog readers.

Saturday, I had the first snafu with my Schlage link lock. My guests called and said they could not get into the condo. Because this lock has the functionality for me to unlock the door online, I went to the dashboard and it said the door was already unlocked. I told the guests that it was registering as unlocked but they said the door still did not open.

Perplexed, I pulled out the owner’s manual and walked them through the steps to unlock the door. Apparently I missed one step in my directions... do I hear the drumroll?... “turn the knob and open the door.” I will refrain from putting in print what I was really thinking, but I am quite certain you can fill in the blanks. The funnier part is I have also had this happen with my cabins, which have keyless locks. You would think I would learn to give explicit directions. Oy!

Have a great week!