Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a nice Fourth of July weekend.

I finally pulled all of my information together for my BP claim. Even though I keep meticulous books and had everything easily at my disposal, it was a fair amount of work to get it all together. Tonight my husband and I will go through it one last time to ensure we have everything we need before we overnight it to our claims adjuster. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

So it was bound to happen; for the first time in 15 years of renting vacation homes, I got a phone call for a clogged toilet and I had to have a plumber come over and snake out the lines.

It's kind of funny because one of the most common questions (fears, really) I get from people who are thinking of renting out their vacation homes is, “What do you do if the renters call and the toilet is clogged?” To which I have always replied, “I have never gotten a call for a clogged toilet.” So how will I answer this question now?

Happy Renting,