Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a good week. I took a lot of booking this past weekend between watching the Olympic events. (I’m getting so excited for my trip to Olympics! I leave next weekend.)

Yesterday I called my designer in Florida because I’m in desperate need of some redecorating in one of my condos. (It’s been nearly 4 years since I replaced my sofas.) So how do I decorate from a distance? I gave my designer my VRBO listing number and told him that I wanted to stay with the same color themes and not have to replace drapery, artwork, or coffee table, end tables, etc. Simply put, I needed new sofas, an accent chair and an ottoman. So here’s the room I needed to change:

Decorating From Afar

Within a few minutes, my designer emailed me some photos and this is the new sofa and chair I ultimately chose:

Decorating From Afar

The chair is made with micro-fiber and the sofa is made of the new Sunbrella fabric, both of which work really well for rentals. I was so happy to have found something so quickly.

So my next step was to call my guests who are in that condo and ask them if it would be okay if I had a delivery of new furniture while they are there. They were more than happy and quite delighted to be the recipients of the new furniture. Yes! Everything worked out very smoothly.

As luck would have it, nothing is ever that easy! I got a call from the furniture store (my designer had already gone for the day) and they regretted to inform me that the sofa I ordered was already sold out. And yes, even the floor model was sold! So they said not to worry— they have a few other styles I that would work. Here’s what they sent me:

Decorating From Afar Decorating From Afar Decorating From Afar

My response to these 3 other choices was No, No and No! The first one is a bit too wild and crazy for my taste. The 2nd one is too retro 1980’s and the 3rd one is far too white to have in a rental unit. I was so disappointed! In the end, I simply reverted back to my first choice and decided to order it even though it will take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Not such a bad option expect... my poor renters are going to be so disappointed when I call them and tell them the new furniture will not arrive this week.

Happy Renting!


PS. I will not be blogging next week because I’ll be at the Olympics!