deep cleanHi Everyone!

Hope all's well with you and your rentals. It’s been a good month so far with a steady flow of inquiries coming in.

This week I had openings in two of my cabins. So to take advantage of the downtime and keep my housekeeper gainfully employed, I scheduled some deep-cleaning tasks.

Here are some of the things I specifically asked her to take care of:

Deep clean and sanitize all the nook-and-cranny surfaces around the cabins
Take off all the bedding, including mattress pads, pillow protectors, blankets and quilts and wash them all
Have the carpets steam cleaned
Wash all throw rugs or throw them away (if they are getting bad) and replace them
Wash all the windows and window sills, and clean the blinds
Wash the curtains
Take all the sofa cushions off the sofas and thoroughly vacuum the sofas
Take all the light fixtures down and clean the globes
Take an inventory of all the china, silverware and cookware.
Replace any missing items (I have tons of extras in my owner’s closets)
Replace all the shower curtains
Sweep and hose down the decks

So now my cabins will be sparkling clean and my housekeeper is very pleased to have the extra money during this otherwise slow season.

Happy Renting!