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Jun 14, 2012
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Jun 14, 2012 7:25 AM

Should I send a refund?

What should I do about a refund?  A recent guest called at 11:30 pm to tell me that the air conditioner wasn't working properly.  I was out of the country but my son called him by 8:30 am the next morning and told him that he would get someone out to fix the problem.  The guest said, "they better be here within 30 minutes or I am vacating the property".  When the air conditioner guy got there later in the morning they were gone.  This was Memorial Day week!  They are demanding a full refund!  What to do?

  • skiandglee Active Contributor 509 posts since
    Apr 27, 2011
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    Jun 14, 2012 8:50 AM (in response to bedy)
    Re: Should I send a refund?

    Hi Bedy,


    I'm not sure how you have your contract worded but I have the following clause in mine:


    1. 19. AMENITIES – The Property provides many amenities including but not limited to a hot tub, gas grill, arcade games, air conditioning, appliances, sauna, steam room etc and The Owner can not control when one or more may become inoperative during or before your stay.  Every effort will be made to insure all amenities are in working order but no refunds or rebates will be given if one or more amenities are inoperable.


    If it happened at my property, I would not refund them.  You had a repairman at the property the following morning and that is making every effort to fix an amenity such as A/C.



    • mauioceanview Contributor 250 posts since
      Jul 22, 2011
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      Jun 14, 2012 11:52 AM (in response to skiandglee)
      Re: Should I send a refund?

      I agree with Rick, I wouldn't refund them either. It is completely unreasonable to expect an A/C repair person to come to the property on half hour's notice. There is no way you could have called him to come out during the night, after all.

  • jan.stevens Community All-Star 252 posts since
    Aug 30, 2011
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    Jun 14, 2012 10:10 PM (in response to bedy)
    Re: Should I send a refund?

    Hi Bedy,

    I would apologize for their inconvenience. Let them know that the AC was repaired the next morning but unfortuantely they had vacated the property. I might offer then a $25 or $50 discount toward their next stay as an offer of good will. Chances are they won't take you up on it but you offered.


    In January I had a guest that was very reactive and wrote me a not very positive letter.  We actually fixed the issues that she complained about. So, I sent her a note explaining that her feedback made a difference and let her know about our improvements inspired by her. Then I offered her a $50 discount toward her next stay and she was THRILLED.


    Your AC is a bit different from my situation but money toward another stay makes guests happy (most of the time). In your case I would NOT refund their entire stay. It was their choice to vacate the property.

    • sophie Senior Contributor 969 posts since
      Mar 4, 2011
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      Jun 15, 2012 11:29 AM (in response to jan.stevens)
      Re: Should I send a refund?

      I agree, No REFUND! This is the clause I have in my contract. I know it's lengthy but it covers all bases: (Emphasis mine)


      NOTICE TO OWNER OF REPAIRS NEEDED - Management shall have the right of

      access to Rental Property for repair and maintenance during reasonable hours. If the Rental Property or any
      of the contents are damaged, not working or otherwise in need of repair or replacement, the Tenant must
      promptly notify the Owner. The Owner will have a reasonable amount of time to make repairs. If the
      Tenant must vacate the premises because of damage not resulting from the Tenant’s act or neglect, the
      Tenant will be refunded the rent for such period of time that the Tenant is unable to occupy the Rental
      Property, prorated on a per diem basis commencing on the date that the Tenant was forced to vacate and
      calculated to the date on which the Tenant was able to re-occupy the Rental Property or the end of the
      Rental Period, whichever comes first.


      Should a repairperson make a call to the property and find that the equipment is in working order and the
      problem was due to the Guest’s oversight or neglect, the charge for service will be the Guest’s
      responsibility. Replacement or repair of any television, DVD player, radio, or any other advertised
      equipment or amenity, when provided by Management, is not guaranteed.


      If the Rental Property is totally destroyed, this Lease Agreement will terminate and the Tenant will pay
      rent up to the date of destruction. The Owner is not responsible for any inconvenience or interruption of
      services due to repairs, improvements, or any reason beyond the Owner’s control, and no refund will be
      given in this event. Management may enter the Unit at any time to protect life and prevent damage to the
      property or for the purpose of making needed repairs.

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