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Jan 19, 2012
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Jan 27, 2012 9:26 AM

"Manhattan Beach Gorgeous 5 BR/4.5 BA House,(Sleeps 6-12)"

According to the rules of posting a review; since I didn't actually stay at the property then I can't post a review. So, I will post it here.

My complaint is about a Manhattan Beach 5 BR/4.5 BA House,(Sleeps 6-12) property id# XXXXX.

My family is hosting a family reunion in the area in July and generally we've had excellent experiences with properties/property owners that we have found on this site. We did this 2 years ago in Vegas and staying together allows for us to save money on individual hotels as well as make sure the elder family members are safe, together. There are 10 of us going (mostly older adults/couples) and so we thought this house seemed perfect. It is listed as having sleeping accommodations for up to 12. So I inquired and the first response came back a day later "Lots of people in your party" & "$3500/wk +deposit and cleaning fee." No problem, I thought. So I inquired about the cost of the deposit and fee but had to continuously resend messages to get a response. I finally called and spoke to owner; who seemed extremely reluctant to provide any information or details about how to secure the rental but kept telling me "when you're ready to secure it; then we'll discuss that".(I was asking because we were ready to secure the rental, at that time.) When the owner would finally respond; he copied another person(presumably his wife) on every message. So when I responded to any of his messages, I responded to both. Yet, after we attempted to confirm the rental and I didn't get a response at all, for two days. I then sent the message one last time to both and finally his wife (from the other email address) responded. Only to inform me that he'd forgotten to double check with her and they had planned to have family using the property during that time. This is a disheartening experience and makes me question if that is the truth.  Best wishes to anyone else that is interested perhaps you'll have a better experience.

  • Hi Moni:

    Although the most successful vacation homeowners respond within a couple of hours, many are not dedicated full time to respond to requests, as are hotels.

    It is best that it did not work out for you, since you could have spent a long time negotiating details to be cancelled at the last minute before signing the contract.

    I am sure there is a great vacation home for your party that will provide you prompt responses and a good chemistry between both of you.

  • sophie Senior Contributor 969 posts since
    Mar 4, 2011

    Renters.....Seriously, if you have to beg an owner/manager to return your emails, calls, etc. you  need to move on and find other accommodations. There are tons of owners who are punctual in answering emails, questions, etc. and would love to have you in their homes.


    And...It may come as a surprise to some, but owners can be just as selective as who they rent to than who they DON'T rent to. 

      • wiffle Contributor 217 posts since
        Feb 23, 2011

        You have a right to voice your opinion, just not a review. Why in the world did you take so much time out of your life to come on here and post all that? Move on to someone with better comunication skills instead of trying to get revenge. I would guess the owner dodged a bullet and I would guess there is more to the story.


        Why shouldn't the owner cc his wife, who is presumably his business partner?


        Sometimes, when someone has been a pain to deal with (not saying you were, I wouldn't know), or if a preliminary background search shows them as questionable, it is easier to just blow them off. I know it's the "chicken" way, but better than the same renter coming back under a different name with a new inquiry.

          • msdebj Senior Contributor 1,353 posts since
            May 25, 2011

            Moni, I just have to chime in here. Sorry you had the experience you did. I don't know if you're a veteran to renting from Vacation Home owners or not. Before you go off with a bad taste in your mouth you should know that, unlike Property Management companies who manage MANY properties and have no real incentive other than to make money- at very little risk to them, the majority of OWNERS are very professional and involved in how they manage their homes.


            The majority of OWNERS have a screening system (some use Facebook,, Google, etc. ) to screen inquires before they respond- or as they get more information during the process. It is their right to decide who they choose to rent to. Most of us have a lot of money invested in our homes, furnishings, etc., not to mention insurance, and many other overhead costs.  It can be very risky.


            Thankfully, I've only had to refuse one potential renter in 3 years. It was because I found information, (yes, on Facebook- it really does matter what folks post there), that made me uncomfortable.  


            I can't imagine anyone would discriminate on the basis of race, gender, etc.if that is what you are suggesting.  I think 99% of OWNERS are very professional and courteous.


            The VR industry has exploded in the past few years so I'm sure you can find other properties in a given area.   Think of it in terms of any other business endeavor. Would you continue to try to close a deal on any purchase if the seller wasn't responding to your inquiries as you'd like?


            There are 2 sides to every story. But, no, you have no right to reveiw a property you've never entered into a signed contract with . If that was true just imagine- all competitors could just trash a place. 

            Best regards. Debj

  • Active Contributor 343 posts since
    Nov 18, 2010

    Hi everyone,


    Thanks for the thoughtful and provocative discussion. I'd like to remind Community members that, as per our Community Guidelines, we ask that you respect the privacy of yourself and others:


    Protect the privacy of yourself and others. — Keep personal information about anyone else private; including names of other people, home addresses, phone numbers, property ID numbers and email addresses.  We recommend you keep your own information private as well.


    Community is not the forum to leave a property review (and as such, I removed the property ID that "Moni" provided in her original post), though it is an ideal place for traveler - owner exchanges such as the discussion above.


    Thanks, all!



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