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What's the best unique marketing tactic?

Created by meredith. Voting starts on Nov 16, 2012

You've got your property on all the best listing sites, you've perfected your titles, descriptions, and had a professional photographer in. What's your move to take the marketing of your vacation rental to the next level?

Poll Results

  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce - back to basics! (0%)

    Votes: 0/4

    You voted for this

  • Create a personal webite - lock down that memorable domain name! (75%)

    Votes: 3/4

    You voted for this

  • Direct email marketing - get 'em in thier inbox, but no spamming! (0%)

    Votes: 0/4

    You voted for this

  • Blogging - provide up-to-date and detailed info on your property & region. (25%)

    Votes: 1/4

    You voted for this

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