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Absolutely not fair.... bad Homeaway customer service

Created by joseph.sestito. Voting starts on Aug 16, 2011

Hi. everybody...I have been a long term advertiser on their sites with 3 properties. I have recently sold a property...the ad  is paidin full  until Feb. 2012. I would like to list another one in its place. It's not allowed. I have Flipkey calling me every week....Homeaway doesn't care. Maybe they think they have no competition. I also have a few friends who advertise on here but I guess that doesn't make a difference. Can someone explain this logic to me...I am just a dumb Canadian or ???


Thank you



Poll Results

  • Stay with Homeaway ? (35%)

    Votes: 6/17

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  • Go to Flipkey ? (65%)

    Votes: 11/17

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