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Jul 26, 2011 8:57 PM

Need a contract that would apply for a small (30 people max) wedding

Does any one have a contract that would apply to having a small outdoor wedding at our vacation rental?? All we would provide would be the venue, the wedding would be held outside or on the porch in case of rain, though it seldom does in Texas. The rentor would be required to use a caterer for all food, drinks, supplies, tables and all other items required. There would be no on site food preparation. Just warming in the oven or microwave if necessary and food storage in the refrigerator.

  • meredith HomeAway Employee 384 posts since
    Nov 18, 2010

    Hi need.advice,


    Unfortunatley we do not have a sample contract to meet your exact needs, but you can amend one of these to suit your purposes. You may also want to check out this discussion on other owners' event policies and this article about the pros and cons of hosting a wedding at your property.


    Hope this helps, and maybe another Community member can help with some wording for your contract.


    Best of luck,



  • I realize it's been awhile since this post was written but I just received a rental inquiry for a small wedding for 30 people also and am wondering if you came up with a contract and if you have any other words of wisdom regarding how this event worked out for you and the renting party?

    • iopbeachhouse Community All-Star 455 posts since
      Aug 10, 2011

      We allowed a "small wedding for 30 people" this summer and I will not do it again without having an addendum to our contract spelling out all the things you mentioned plus the maximum occupancy for the house at any time, specific furniture that is not to be moved, having someone on site to supervise the care of my home and the way decorations can and cannot be fastened to walls etc. We also have decided that we will charge an event fee, additional cleaning fee and require a higher deposit. Here's why - because our house was " so nice and so close to the beach" the 30 people wedding grew to over 50. That was just the guests. Add caterers and servers and the minister and we were suddenly pushing 60! This is a house, not a reception hall. We have numerous decks and balconies that will only support so much weight. Events this big are ******* the house. When we discovered, after the fact, how many people had attended, we realized we had violated a law in our area stating a maximum of 30 people are allowed in any rental home at any time. We could have been heavily fined or lost our license. It just isn't worth the risk to us.

      • This is one of my biggest fears and when I've had wedding inquiries and they say a number of attendees as low as an "intimate" 30 or so, I ask how they will keep to that number.  Family members and friends usually want to join the happy couple for their special day and we found that informal invitations or often shared by others (not the bride and groom) so the bride and groom may not even know their wedding is growing. Surprise!  No harm intended by these additional guests, but I think it's hard to maintain such an intimate, low number. What do you do on the wedding day when things are not what you expected, or thought you had contracted?

      • carol Senior Contributor 2,150 posts since
        Dec 10, 2010

        need.advice wrote:


        ...Yes, I came up with a contract and would gladly send you a copy, but I can't figure out how on this system....



        Edit your reply or create a new reply.  At the top right of your edit box is a "Use Advanced Editor" link.  Click on that, and then your edit box will have a link at the bottom labeled "Attach files"


        However, it's safest just to copy your contract text and paste it into your reply.  Many of us are hesitant to click on a link in a public posting like this -- it could contain a virus. 

      • Thank you for taking the time to share this.  This is very helpful.


        We have chosen to not provide any kind of watercraft, canoe or kayak (or the aluminum rowboat we own), because we're concerned with the liability that we would incur so I'm curious also to the response of some of our fellow owners regarding this.  On our lake I know of only 1 vacation rental out of 100+ listings that offers anything along these lines.  Maybe because I'm nosy, but from reading your event contract it sounds like your house is lovely.  Mind sharing your listing number? 

  • Contributor 188 posts since
    Aug 30, 2012

    Here is a much more comprehensive contract to pull language from.

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