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Dec 26, 2011
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Jun 14, 2012 2:34 PM

Users of Reservation Manager to get listing prominence - badge

How do the rest of you non-users of reservation manager feel about this?


With ReservationManager, you can:

Boost your listing's prominence. (Coming Soon)
Accepting online payments via ReservationManager earns you a HomeAway Payments badge on your listing, so travelers can be confident you accept secure online payments.
  • anja Senior Contributor 1,555 posts since
    Aug 9, 2011

    Not pleased. This could inadvertedly sabatoge our efforts to conduct our business privately... "our way" without Reservation Manager between we owners and our guests.


    Non-RM user owners could appear "risky" to travelers when they do not see the "badge"next to our advertisement !

    • eturtlet New Member 21 posts since
      Jul 4, 2011

      I agree with anja. We also do not want to us the Reservation Manager becuase I have a system and it works and I don't want to change.


      We just lost a rental because a renter because of the Homeaway advertising. They had read that the Homeaway site recommendations that they should use the Reservation Manager as we are 'risky' since we only accept checks.

      • anja Senior Contributor 1,555 posts since
        Aug 9, 2011
        eturtlet wrote:
        We just lost a rental because a renter because of the Homeaway advertising. They had read that the Homeaway site recommendations that they should use the Reservation Manager as we are 'risky' since we only accept checks.
        That is the problem!  Whether we choose to use RM ...or whether we can not use RM {e.g. non-USA based property owners}, the HA Traveler Advisory behind that  huge badge  (why so big?) will harm those owners!
        This is unfair. People have paid high premiums to advertise here.
        I think "the badge" should be same size as the cc badge. Yes...RM is optional for payments....but not every single one of your advertisers even has the option of using RM.
      • swlinphx Senior Contributor 2,191 posts since
        Aug 30, 2011

        We just lost a rental because a renter because of the Homeaway advertising. They had read that the Homeaway site recommendations that they should use the Reservation Manager as we are 'risky' since we only accept checks.


        Eturtlet, do you think you would have lost that rental if you had the badge but did not use Reservation Manager to conduct the transaction.  In other words, was it your lack of a badge that caused the traveler concern or was it once you started the proceedings that they questioned why you weren't using Reservation Manager?  If it is merely the badge, that can be easily rectified without you having to use Reservation Manager.


        Whether we choose to use RM ...or whether we can not use RM {e.g. non-USA based property owners}


        Anja, while the issue with having a badge and not wanting to use RM can be resolved as I explained to eturtlet above, the fact that non-USA based property owners cannot get the badge (and use RM) would at first seem very unfair -- but think about it:  If someone is searching for a villa in France, a flat in London or an island home in Greece, none of the competitors in those categories will have the badge either, so there really is no disadvantage in competition.  I doubt a traveler wanting to go to Italy will decide on another country (the U.S. or Canada) because none have a badge, LOL.


        Again, to be competitive among other U.S. and Canadian rentals one only need sign up for the service.  No one can force you to use it once signed up, and once a traveler sees the badge I doubt they are going to monitor if you are using RM for their transaction.  The real issue for those I think is that they pick a listing with that badge.

          • swlinphx Senior Contributor 2,191 posts since
            Aug 30, 2011

            I guess you have a point.  Come to think of it, I did just have a customer book a rental with us yesterday who said they turned down others who wouldn't accept credit cards (only money orders).  However, she wouldn't have cared as long as it was via credit card (VRP, PayPros/PPI, PayPal, etc.).  She liked the idea she could contest it if necessary.

              • swlinphx Senior Contributor 2,191 posts since
                Aug 30, 2011

                LOL, I understand.  But to be honest I see her point.  If they send money (a check that has cleared) and don't know if when they arrive there will be a real place to check-in or that the person they spoke to was posing as an owner as a scam to collect the money, then they have little recourse.  It is not like an established motel or hotel.  To an extent, vacation rentals require a leap of faith on both the part of the owner and traveler (in exchange for the better value and quality offered).


                BTW, is anyone else noticing their pages and posts on here loading extremely slowly today??

                  • swlinphx Senior Contributor 2,191 posts since
                    Aug 30, 2011

                    To be honest, we have been using RM just about all the time because we like being able to take the credit card over the phone, and most customers expect it and just want to pay right then and there when we speak to them on the phone to book it.  I wouldn't feel bad if I went back to my PayPal method however for any transactions, or was even using PayPros/PPI instead, where they charge only 2.5% for all transactions (even overseas), have no sign-up or monthly fees, and also allow one to process a credit card immediately in person or by phone.  However, we do take checks about half the time for the rental which is not due for us until two weeks before check-in.  We give them a choice to save a bit on fees by writing a check or the convenience (and possible protection) of paying by credit card.


                    The only thing is, once we have a system down pat (including bank account transfers that we must do each time, and which differ when using PayPal) it is easier to stick to and remember one procedure.

        • anja Senior Contributor 1,555 posts since
          Aug 9, 2011

          Hi swlinphx:  Your point taken about searching for non-USA locations.


          The HA "advisory" to travelers, at least in that one example we heard from *eturtlet*, was taken seriously....*eturtlet* was perceived as "risky"....eturtlet didn't have RM, so the traveler went elsewhere.

          It's a pity really....because the traveler would have chosen to rent from eturtlet, it seems. Outcome = no-win.


          Time will tell us how many of our inquirers will start to ask for RM.


          I  think this:  if an owner is US based, they should just sign up for  RM --- and use it once in awhile when a traverler requests it.  RM is only another means to do a transaction.  I'm happy with my own's never been questioned by anyone in all the years I've been in business and I can continue as I've always done (my guests can pay me with a credit card). I give my guests a choice of payment methods, anyway.

          In the light of this new HA "advisory" , I perceive RM as just another method...if the traveler asks for it.


          But, now that I'm thinking  about this --- .if  eturtlet signed up for RM....then they could take a e-check via RM --- right?

          • swlinphx Senior Contributor 2,191 posts since
            Aug 30, 2011

            Hi anja...


            I definitely understand the resentment of HomeAway implying that you are only truly secure if the owner displays a badge or uses RM.  While I wouldn't worry about it for those overseas since none of their competition will have a badge either, I wonder if part of the reason travelers feel RM is more secure is because they are protected up to $10,000.00 against online fraud.  That's even more secure than using a credit card, and with RM they are able to use both for double protection.  Has anyone checked to see what travelers see and are told when they click on or look into the meaning of the RM badge?  Are they told about this guarantee or do they mention it by phone, as in eturtlet's case?


            Eturtlet, may I ask why you won't accept credit cards?  I can understand the part about your not using RM, but not accepting credit cards whatsoever can seem a bit limiting in the convenience and protection a traveler feels they are missing out on by booking with you, especially in this electronic day and age.  As I said before, the lady we had book with us just yesterday was about to turn us down when we called her back, saying she wasn't willing to rent with us because we only took checks.  When I told her she had the wrong people and that was not us calling, she booked with us within 5 minutes and gave us her credit card info on the phone.  She also cited our reviews and mentioned me by name, since she remembered reading guests' compliments of me personally spending a lot of time with them on phone and in person when needed.  So reviews really do help those who are apprehensive!


            Anja, have you ever taken a credit card by phone or in person with the system you use?  I must say that it is very appealing because we know that once they say they want to book, we don't have to wait until they get around to paying or possibly change their mind, or that the bill may go to junk mail.  And another big issue we had was with some people getting hung up trying to use the PayPal system on their own when they either weren't a member or had past issues with their e-mail address.  Those are the reason we incorporated RM into our system.


            And now, taking credit cards by phone combined with using an electronic signature sytem, we get both the payment and signed contract back instantly.  They don't have to wait until they can print or fax or scan the contract to get it back to us, something that could take up to 2-3 days or longer before.  I guess we're kind of addicted and spoiled having it all "signed, sealed and delivered" the moment they say they're interested!

            • eturtlet New Member 21 posts since
              Jul 4, 2011

              We do not accept credit cards because up until the last couple of months its never been a problem. We have only been turned down this last rental and also we now realize one earlier this spring. We've used for a 1 1/2 years and we're pretty fully rented so we see no reason to change our process. I have a simple process and would like to keep it that way as we are just renting our summer home out a bit to cover some of its expense.


              This recent customer specifically did not rent with us because Homeaway recommended using the 'Reservation Manager' as the safest way to rent. I'm not even sure if they would have rented through us if we took credit cards.

        • eturtlet New Member 21 posts since
          Jul 4, 2011

          I don't think the Badge effected us. It was when the customer asked about the Reservation Manager that they decided not to rent.


          Can you get the security badge without signing up for reservation manager? I thought that was how you got the badge?

  • msdebj Senior Contributor 1,353 posts since
    May 25, 2011

    I got the email this morning. I'm a bit confused abt. the "Boost your listing's prominence." thing. All I've been able to take away is that the listings using RM will have some kind of badge.  I sure hope those using RM don't suddenly get a higher, or preferred listing status. That would seem to me to me to be another problem in VRBO's " pay for your tier". process.


    Will someone using RM, but on a lower tier suddenly jump higher than me just because they use RM?


    Hopefully a moderator can offer a more detailed explanation of just what that " Boost your listing prominence'" actually means.


    I don't use RM and have no reason to. My CC processing company works VERY well for me, since I'm able to get immediate confirmation that a CC payment's been approved & the funds show up in my bank account within 24- 48 hrs.I've yet to have anyone balk at using  my process.


    I have my own templates for almost every variation of response (and since they are mine I can tweak them as needed).  Same for my contract, Pet Policy, etc.


    That said, I have no problem if others want to use RM on VRBO or any other site, (Flipkey has the same program available to it's advertisers).  I just prefer to have control over my rentals, payments, etc.  And in today's world it seems every week you hear that someone's payment data base has been " compromised".


    Just my thoughts.


      • anja Senior Contributor 1,555 posts since
        Aug 9, 2011

        dbmeyer said:  .....the implication that if we (owners) don't use reservation manager we are not as "secure" for payments and therefore don't deserve a "badge", could lead potential guests to select another property based on our lack of a "badge"/ranking.


        I say: Precisely what I was alluding to in my earlier remark [above].


        dbmeyer said:    ..... If renters knew the whole story of the Reservation Manager database that is created with their personal information (name, address, phone numbers, dates of stay, location, credit card details, etc.), they might actually prefer to select an owner that does NOT use Reservation Manager for payments and for storing all of that personal information in one on-line database.


        I say:  Precisely.

  • swlinphx Senior Contributor 2,191 posts since
    Aug 30, 2011

    Do you get the badge for using Reservation Manager period, to log and schedule reservations even if not using its electronic payment function via VacationRentPayment?

  • jeffbailey Contributor 102 posts since
    Jun 3, 2011

    I'm guessing this is a measure that HomeAway is talking in its ongoing efforts to fight phishing.  I assume that prominence means simply displaying the badge on the search results/listing and it does not effect rankings, but it would be good for a HomeAway representitive to clarify.   If that's the cause I don't have a big issue with it even though I don't use ReservationManager for payments.  I use a Rental Management company for that.


    BTW, here are 3 resources that Laura from HomeAway posted recently related to security and phishing:


    1. This post Laura wrote on Feb 2 related to the question of whether HomeAway has been hacked or not

    2. This blog post by Carl Shepherd, HomeAway co-founder, related to phishing and why it's important to you

    3. This article - an update from HomeAway on scams, identity theft, and phishing


    Hope this helps,


    Jeff Bailey

    Creator of Vacation Props, an innovative iPhone/iPad app to manage vacation properties and quickly respond to inquiries

  • Active Contributor 343 posts since
    Nov 18, 2010

    Hi All,


    Thanks for your comments and questions regarding HomeAway’s new Payments badge.

 First, let me provide a little background:


    •    HomeAway continues to integrate security features throughout our sites. To that end, all owners who use the Payments component of ReservationManager will get the new Payments badge displayed on their area search page and property page.


    •    We are encouraging travelers to ask you about paying online with ReservationManager because it’s the most secure way to pay.


    •    Traveler payments are 100% guaranteed against online fraud when ReservationManager is used.


    As far as how the badge impacts your listing rank, it is no different from the way HomeAway sort works today. There are many free ways to improve your ranking in search results, including keeping your calendar updated, offering online payments via ReservationManager, requesting reviews, etc.  (Click here to see a full list of free ways to improve your listing rank.).


    You can also impact your listing’s overall performance via purchasing a subscription level (for more info, see this page).


    @msdebj, to answer your question, subscription levels will always trump a listing’s ranking boost from any of the free quality sort criteria. So, for example, if you purchase “gold,” your property will always rank above a “classic” listing, even if the Classic has a ReservationManager badge, and your Gold listing does not. The free ways to improve your ranking only impact where you fall within the subscription level itself.


    Thanks again, and please let me know if you have further questions.


    Kind Regards,


  • twobitrentals Community All-Star 1,339 posts since
    Aug 5, 2011



    I was not aware of the "fraud protection" for travelers. I think this will actually "improve" my ability to book guests over others who are not using it. Believe me when I am traveling, I want to be sure that my funds are secure.


    I so appreciate the efforts made by Reservation Manager to "secure" funds both to and from the guest.


    I posted on another site that it would be wonderful (suggestion for you) if we could also pay our cleaning folks on RM too. Just something to think about for the future.


    Thank you for all your efforts to make our business more secure to those that rent from us.

    • Contributor 36 posts since
      Jul 6, 2011

      That's wonderful for you Wendy. But unfortunately for those of us that do not want to conduct our business within the HA site, it's absolutely terrible. I do not like being forced into using the dashboard. I have a secure card processor and am confident that my guests can pay securely directly through me and this will have a big impact on many of us. Not only that, but all travelers will have to sign up to make a simple inquiry. I believe many will go elsewhere and so will we eventually.





      • twobitrentals Community All-Star 1,339 posts since
        Aug 5, 2011

        I am sorry Sussi. I know that there have been many concerns, I only have one property right now and just have not experienced this issue. I do understand if you have a different way to provide funding to  your clients, that it could be an issue. I was using paypal and while that is a nice outlet, I had to go between two sites, this way...I only have to do one, unless paying cleaning people. So, for me it was a pleasant and welcome addition.

      • anja Senior Contributor 1,555 posts since
        Aug 9, 2011

        Hi sussi,


        I want to clarify needs to be said.


        We all use the dashboard. We all have been using the dashboard for quite some time, now.  We login to the dashboard, we view our inquiries, we can reply from the dashboard,  and we update our calendars inside the dashboard.


        Here's the thing:  the dashboard has two, separate functionalities within the system called, Reservation Manager.


        -  the inquiry part and the calendar part. That's the mandatory side we have all been using.

        -  the payment transaction part.   Only some people use the payment part, by choice.   It is not mandatory. It will  remain voluntary.


        You are not forced, and will not be forced,  to pay any transaction through Reservation Manager / dashboard.


        However, HA will recommend to TRAVELLERS that they should pay OWNERS via RM.  HA is going to put a "RM badge" beside all owners' ads who use RM for payment transactions.   {Those ads without the "badge" could end up looking "risky". So, it will be up to you, sussi, and anyone else who opts out of using  RM for payments to put some "verbiage" into their ads to explain their payment process...and do a good job of communicating this so they do not appear "risky"}

        • Contributor 36 posts since
          Jul 6, 2011

          Hi Anja,


          Thanks for the reply. Yes I realize it's "voluntary" and that I won't be "forced" to pay throught he Reservation Manager and that I can use my own card processor even with the RM. However, and that's a big however, Few renters will be willing to go outside the HA payment system when they guarantee everything up to $10.000. They will feel very insecure paying outside of the reservation manager. So the net result is that sooner or later we will indeed be forced to use their entire system if we want to stay in business, including exchanging communications with our renters and that is not what I signed up for.



          • swlinphx Senior Contributor 2,191 posts since
            Aug 30, 2011

            As far as how the badge impacts your listing rank, it is no different from the way HomeAway sort works today. There are many free ways to improve your ranking in search results, including keeping your calendar updated, offering online payments via ReservationManager, requesting reviews, etc.  (Click here to see a full list of free ways to improve your listing rank.).


            As Laura explained above, having the badge that says you accept electronic payment via Reservatin Manager does indeed impact your search result ranking within you subscription category.  While those with higher paid subscription plans will always rank higher, those within the same plan with this RM payment badge will rank higher than those without the badge.

      • swlinphx Senior Contributor 2,191 posts since
        Aug 30, 2011

        As requested, I am responding to this post from anja from the other thread, which is now being kept strictly to discussions about having to log in to the Dashboard to initially respond to an inquiry:


        I'm attempting to learn more about payments through RM.. reading the HA  guidelines.  {I haven't signed up yet.}


        I was just reading HA's payment tips to travelers on the HA website.


        "When the owner or manager sends an email invoice via ReservationManager™, you are able to make immediate and secure payments by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards or an eCheck (US residents only)."


        So, it seems that my overseas guests will not be able  to pay me via RM.  An OWNER with residence outside the USA can not sign up for RM payment system....and a TRAVELLER with residence outside the USA will not be able to pay a USA-resident OWNER who does use RM to receive payment.

        Am I understanding this correctly?


        No anja, you are not understanding correctly.  Perhaps their wording is confusing where they inserted the parenthetical note "US residents only".  The only thing limited to U.S. residents at this point in time is the owners who can sign up for and use Reservation Manager.  However, any owner signed up and using it can charge any traveler from anywhere in the world.  That is the whole reason that there is an additional charge of 1.25% for travelers paying from outside the U.S. and Canada.  Anyone who can accept MasterCard, Visa or Discover can accept them from anyone in the world.  They are internationally accepted cards/companies.  Hopefully this clears it up, but if you have any other questions let me know.


        The only thing I'm a bit confused about is why you initially said in a follow-up post that you would use it for travelers in the U.S. but that, even though you could use it for international travelers, you would use your own system for them instead.  Is there a reason for this?

        • anja Senior Contributor 1,555 posts since
          Aug 9, 2011

          Ahh....that's great. I knew that you would know this..   Thank you for yet more enlightenment. You see I assumed that it  would be possible for RM users to request  payment from overseas travelers...{why not, right?}...therefore my first comment about it. Then, today, I started looking further into the system and I came across that paragraph I quoted...and the parenthetical note did, in fact, throw me off and casted doubt....I interpreted the USA reference too literally. Now that  you mention it, I do recall a much earlier post, perhaps months ago now, where reference was made to the percent for overseas transactions  !!! I just forgot that detail....I wasn't really following the RM posts at the time.



          My initial comment is on the forum as follows  {you "captured" my first entry before I edited it}....


          The RM payment side does not serve OWNERS outside the USA {a weakness}.  Many of my guests are from overseas {we see a lot of Europeans and Asians coming  to my location,  all year}, and those I will  transact as I've been doing for years....outside RM if they don't demand it.   Nothing changes for me, in that respect  {ref. swlinphx -- use it when you want...not when you can not or choose not to}.   But OWNERS outside the USA are not being served....they still have not got the option to sign on to the payment/transacation side of RM.  HA will have to look further into that...especially if they are going to put a "security" emphasis on transactions...and they are "global"!.


          As overseas transactions can be done, and my inquirers want me  to use it for them, I will.


 attitude evolved from not interested at all in RM as a payment vehicle -- since it was launched --- to realizing that I should see it as another tool in my arsenal.  If inquirers, regardless  of which side  of the pond they may be inquiring from, ask me to service them via RM,  I'm open to giving them what they want.  I am keen to know what the actual demand  will be.  None of my prospects have asked me about it....but I think that will change with the "badge" and promo for added security.  Whatever....I view the RM differently now. I like options...I like flexibility...and I want to be sure that I offer both to people  who want to pay me.


          Again...I thank you for clearing that one up...and I want to say that you've been a help, for me.  Honestly, just your posts -to others- over time that I began to review recently has nudged me to look inside RM...and see it as another payment vehicle.

          • swlinphx Senior Contributor 2,191 posts since
            Aug 30, 2011

            That's nice to hear anja, especially since I was banned from the site for 5 weeks (because three people reported me just because they misinterpreted what I was saying as "condescending", which can happen in written forums, and you are automatcially banned after 3 reports even if the moderators agree you did nothing wrong or in violation of TOS.  I'm sure that's one reason I was never invited to be an Ambassador -- oh well). 


            Just so you know, I too was very entrenched in my full-proof PayPal system and couldn't really see a big advantage in using Reservation Manager.  What convinced me to give it a try was:


            • The way it was so neatly integrated into the Dashboard and calendar and the user interface


            • The fact that their processing fees (2.5% domestic) were considerably lower than PayPal's 2.9% plus 30¢


            • The fact I could now take credit cards over the phone like a real business since I always did the actual booking by telephone with the guest anway, and this enables me to get paid without delay and prevents some of the issues I was having with guests not being able to log in to PayPal due to past e-mail or account issues


            • The fact that I can refund their deposits (including fee) any time in the future, not just within 60 days of payment as with PayPal, who after 60 days requires you use the Send Payment option which does not recoup the fee


            • The fact that I still would use PayPal as my conduit between all the bank accounts involved in my rental business, my personal one, bank account for those we own, bank account for owners of those we manage, etc.


            I don't know if any of these benefits apply or will appeal to you, but I thought my reasoning on giving it a go might be of help.

            • swlinphx Senior Contributor 2,191 posts since
              Aug 30, 2011

              On a side note, for all those who would like to have the benefits of a RM-type service and who also advertise with FlipKey/TripAdvisor, they use the same processing company (VacationRentPayment) as HomeAway/VRBO.  Has anyone checked to see if they too are limited to U.S. owners?  It probably is an issue with VacationRentPayment, but there may be some rules that differ on the FlipKey side.

            • anja Senior Contributor 1,555 posts since
              Aug 9, 2011

              Exactly --- it  is your posts about those benefits and the ease of using the system that 'nudged' me to open my mind and take a closer look.  The confidence you expressed as a qualified user of the system was appealing, for me. I can speculate all day long about something...but I "take my hat off" to those who have the experience I'm lacking....and learn.




              P.S. What....banned?

              • swlinphx Senior Contributor 2,191 posts since
                Aug 30, 2011

                I too am stubborn once I have a system that works, so I understand your ambivalence.


                P.S. What....banned?


                LOL, I thought everyone knew. It was after a couple heated debates in March (much like the ones going on now) that I was banned and could not log in for 5 weeks.  It's important to understand anyone can get anyone banned regardless of whether it is just or not, simply by having three people report any post of theirs.  I was surprised that the moderators said there doesn't have to be any other violation of the terms of service.  I was initially perturbed, but it's all water under the bridge now.

    • swlinphx Senior Contributor 2,191 posts since
      Aug 30, 2011

      Yes, and the badge now appears next to each listing in the search results too.  What's interesting though is that, unlike with the HomeAway search results, VRBO's results show a "faded" badge to indicate which owners do not use the "most secure form of payment".  HomeAway results however just display no badge within each listing in this case.

      • marilyn Active Contributor 459 posts since
        Nov 9, 2011

        So therefore, those of us not using the reservation manager are not using a secure form of payment?


        That is certainly implied and in the minds of the travelers. They now worry that if they are dealing with those of us who prefer to run our business ourselves, instead of having others do the work for us, that their payments will not be secure.


        I certainly understand Homeaways desire to protect the traveler, but making those homeowners that do not use their system look like an unsafe payment owner is not fair.


        We pay to advertise on their sites (I advertise on all three). Why should we be made to look unethical, less safe or not a good choice to our travelers.



  • hotnachocheese Contributor 40 posts since
    Apr 25, 2012

    So, HA says they have the "most secure way to pay".  Im going to bet that statement will come back to haunt them when someone decides to prove that statement incorrect. 

    I would also like to hear from a consumer who actually was paid via either the 10k CRG or 10K

    RM insurance.  Im doubtful they actually ever get paid to the customer- HA will find some fine print that makes them not liable.


    I look at it like the insurance for security deposits- I would never allow nor accept that in lieu of a real CASH - not check that can be cashed, not hold on a credit card- deposit.  Im not dealing with red tape with some 3rd party company, trying to prove the guests last week broke my toilet or soiled my beds.  I have the same cleaners in there every week, and we know the property top to  bottom.  If a guest wants to argue with me about their sec deposit, good luck to them.  I put the burden of proof on them, not me.  It hasnt ever been an issue.

  • chrise New Member 22 posts since
    Feb 25, 2011

    Here is how I see it - Accepting payment via RM is only available to US citizens (regardless of where the property is located). Marking listings that accept RM payments as "more secure" is therefore only available to US citizens. As far as I am concerned this is discrimation against non-US owners - period! We have no choice - we cannot sign up for RM.

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