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May 5, 2012
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May 31, 2012 7:59 AM

VRBO Support States all Listings Inquiries are on Delay

I was on the phone several times with support yesterday trying to sort out the problems with my listing ( rather than lose the information in that thread I thought I'd let you all know here.  Each time I call my situation is looked at slightly differently but this morning at about 8:50 AM EST, Elizabeth with VRBO (877-228-3145) notified me that 'there is a delay in the inquiry system'  All members, all listings will be caught up in the delay which could be a couple of hours or more.  Yesterday I found the delay to be as much as 5 and 6 hours.  Elizabeth says they are working on this.....



Andrea Fahy


New Bern Round House

  • mike-dfv Community All-Star 835 posts since
    Mar 5, 2011

    Well, at least if everyone is affected, there won't be a disadvantage to some by not being able to reply as quickly as others. Still, it's not a good thing if the renter is moving on to another site because of the delay.



  • shannon.martin Contributor 221 posts since
    Feb 23, 2011

    Hi Newbernroundhouse,


    Yes, there was a delay with inquiries yesterday that has since been resolved.  Inquiries are now flowing through within the normal time frame (I also tested one that took 3 minutes to show up in my dashboard).




    • Active Contributor 295 posts since
      Jun 9, 2011



      Newbernroundhouse reported an issue yesterday pertaining to not receiving a test inquiry after a couple of hours or so. She mentioned that it also did not appear in her Dashboard Inquiry. I replied telling her that the issue is with a stuck queue at VRBO and she needed to contact support. Upon doing so, she was advised that the problem was because her email was hacked. That is an alarm bell for me, because even if her email was hacked or compromised, the hacker will have no ability to make the inquiry not appear in the Dashboard. Those are two unrelated things, and one has nothing to do with the other, or has no consequential effect for the other. I thought that her issue was misdiagnosed. Today’s admission that there was a delay of inquiry yesterday, lend credence to my own diagnosis (stuck queue) and nothing to do with her email being hacked.  If indeed her issue was as a result of hacking, I don’t relish the possibility of a hacker having the ability to not make inquiries appear in owner’s dashboard. That is a grim scenario I hope not to be true. Technically, it is not possible, from my understanding of computers, unless VRBO's computer system was actually hacked. VRBO’s misdiagnosis of her issue resulted in a chain of unnecessary measures that did not fix her problem anyway, but only gave her additional problem because her website was taken out from being searched for a while. Here are the consequences.


      Her website was temporarily removed from circulation & could not be searched.

      She was made to replace her owner’s email address.

      And perhaps her past inquirers received an email from VRBO about a possible hacking incident with this owner, as I think this is VRBO’s procedure in cases of hacking.


      By bringing this to your attention, I would hope a little more guidance and training to VRBO Support Staff in recognizing symptoms of hacking and stuck queue issues to prevent similar incidents like this. Thank you.

      • shannon.martin Contributor 221 posts since
        Feb 23, 2011
        Currently Being Moderated
        May 31, 2012 11:49 AM (in response to tfv)
        Re: VRBO Support States all Listings Inquiries are on Delay

        Hi tfv,


        You are correct in your statement that even if an owner's email was hacked, the inquiries will still appear in the owner's dashboard.  (In fact, we don't have a way to delete inquiries).  Contacting us about not receiving inquiries is one of the ways that our Trust and Security team often discovers that an owner's email has been hacked.  As one of my job responsibilities is education for our Customer Support teams, I appreciate your bringing this to light, and I will definitely be making sure the team is aware of this particular type of issue going forward.




  • crescentbeach4u Community All-Star 865 posts since
    Sep 10, 2011

    I just sent 3 inquiries about an hour ago.  Unfortunately I only received my last number 3 test.  WHERE DID #1 AND #2 GO VRBO!?

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