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Feb 4, 2012 1:36 PM

If I could ask HA/VRBO to change one thing, it would be...

I have seen many blogs about what people would like to see changed from Homeaway or VRBO, but thet are scattered among many posts. It is a good idea to collect recommendations to the company in this blog so they could get ideas on how we the Owners can improve our overall experience.


I suggest the following guidelines for this blog:

  1. Do not use this to complain, other posts are for that.
  2. One recommendation per post. Add more posts for additional ideas.
  3. Do not critizice other ideas, lets allow all of them to flow
  4. "Like" the best ideas
  5. Type the title of your idea in the first line BOLD and expand it in a separate parragraph


I am sure the Owners can come up with many suggestions.

  • Contributor 39 posts since
    Jul 25, 2011



    I have been reading several posts about scams and fraud and it concerns me. I have seen more companies add a personalized image or "Sitekey" and a phrase to the log in screen after you enter your username but before the password; that way if you do not see your personal icon and your phrase, you know it is not the Homeaway site and you should not provide your password.

    • msdebj Senior Contributor 1,353 posts since
      May 25, 2011

      Re: If I could Ask HA/VRBO to change one thing, it would be......




      One of the biggest problems seems to be HA/VRBO parent company's inability to communicate with all advertisers. This is especially evident when it pertains to advance notice of changes in policy, the addition of new products to the sites and the way HA's Help Desk works.


      If they can send blast emails to travelers from time to time they could be proactive by sending information to all advertisers prior to major changes being made to their contracts.


      There should also be a way for the advertiser to track how efficient  the HA/VRBO Help Desk is at resolving problems in a timely manner.

    • travis HomeAway Employee 325 posts since
      May 2, 2011

      Hi Gabriel,

      Both and have ways to let travelers know whether an individual owner or property manager manages a rental.

      On, an icon in search results distinguishes between property managers and individual owners.


      On, travelers have the option to filter their search results to see only properties managed by individual owners or those managed by property managers.


      I hope this information is useful and please let me know if you have any further questions.


  • jeffbailey Contributor 102 posts since
    Jun 3, 2011

    Allow Facebook or Twitter Authentication For Guest Reviews

    A change was made a while back to not allow guest reviews unless the guest registers with the site.  I think the general concensus is that reviews are way down because of that.  In general, I think the change is positive to prevent fradulant reviews and make the reviewers more accountable.  However, I wonder if the same thing could be accomplished by allowing a guest to authenticate with a Facebook or Twitter login.  I think the guest would be more likely to leave a review if they could authenticate that way and not have to do a new registration.

  • lrbaldwin Active Contributor 755 posts since
    Feb 16, 2011

    My main wish is that HomeAway would separate HA from VRBO and make VRBO back the way it used to be, OWNER MANAGED ONLY.


    Hope it's OK, I have 2 other requests:


    1.  Remove the advice that the prospective renter use a credit card for safety.  It makes us owners sound like we're out to cheat them.  We don't accept credit cards and don't intend to in the future.  Checks work just fine for us and for our renters.  I've never had a single complaint.


    2.  Stop showing those who inquire about my property 10 other properties, especially since most of those pay only half what I do for their listings.



    • sophie Senior Contributor 969 posts since
      Mar 4, 2011

      Wouldn't it be nice to be able to block some inquiries if they don't meet your criteria like Flipkey/Tripadvisor lets you do.  You can block senseless inquiries that don't meet you nightly minimum or if there is no phone #, etc. The best part is you can block inquiries if your dates are already booked.  Here is a view of what it looks like



      • lrbaldwin Active Contributor 755 posts since
        Feb 16, 2011

        I don't want to block inquiries from people who request an unavailable week.  I did book one week (I always call rather than email inquiries that interest me) by informing the prospective renter that both the week before and the week after her desired week were available.  She took one of them.  But MORE IMPORTANTLY, if they're looking for a Sat-Sat rental (we're Sun to Sun), and the week prior to their desired week is taken, then their desired Sat of arrival is unavailable though the week from Sun-Sun IS AVAILABLE.  Most renters in our area don't really care on which of those days their vacation starts.  I've had several such inquiries that booked weeks this year.


        Bottom line, I don't want VRBO making ANY decisions WRT my inquiries.



        • victor.nawrocki Contributor 87 posts since
          May 21, 2011

          Referring guests who respond to my property to other properties must STOP! When and inquiry is received the guest (as I am told) received info on the other properties.  I am told they do this because so many owners are SLOW to respond or do not respond at all...TOUGH!  I think this is done solely to increase the number of inquiries we receive per week. My numbers have dropped since they have done this and guests are questioning my prices cause the desperate owners -the ones with homes that stink --are undercutting me.

        • sophie Senior Contributor 969 posts since
          Mar 4, 2011

          Linda, I agree. As you can see, I do accept inquires even though my dates are booked because I can always move them if they are willing.


          What I do block are 1 nighters and people who don't put in their phone #.s


          It's a personal call on how much you are booked, etc. One of my properties last summer was booked solid from May to September with NO nights available and nothing to offer.  In a situation like that, it's nice so you are not answering senseless inquiries when you can't accommodate them anyway.

      • Active Contributor 543 posts since
        Aug 25, 2011

        Sophie -- +1 to your suggestion!


        Please VRBO / HA -- implement this as an option for owners to use or not use at their discretion!  The bulk inquiries are a waste of my time and have an extremely low conversion rate (i.e. close to 0%) and account for 90% of my work.



    • victor.nawrocki Contributor 87 posts since
      May 21, 2011

      Smart number 2, Linda!

  • victor.nawrocki Contributor 87 posts since
    May 21, 2011

    Add the ability to Personalize subject on response email. All responses look the same a persolaized response will stand out. Also, if the owner responds swiftly (Like in 24hrs or less) they should have the benefit of resending the emailed quote again - that way we would stand out among the other responses.

    • lrbaldwin Active Contributor 755 posts since
      Feb 16, 2011

      I don't use the inquiry response form (as in hit the Reply button for the inquiry).  If I'm interested in a prospective renter, I call him on the phone. No phone number?  I'm not particularly interested in renting to him.  If he isn't available I leave a message with my phone number and tell him that I will send him an email with more information about the property.  For the email, I simply click on the email address within the inquiry and make the subject line "Chatterbox Too in Duck, NC".  In that I give the link to our personal site and again give my phone number.  I also tell him that if he would like for me to call him, email me a phone number and a time that would be convenient for him.


      If I'm not interested, for example if they have 8 adults, 0 children (which we call 8 children, 0 adults), that generally means a big week long party.  I simply email and tell them our cottage is suited only to small family units and thank them for their interest. 


      I'm sure the number of inqiuries I get is much lower than those of you who rent partial weeks, single nights, and your season is all year.  My season is April through October, full weeks only, and our June-Aug calendar is booked by March 1.  The shoulder season isn't too important though when we get bookings from the right people, we don't have any trouble finding uses for the money.



  • lrbaldwin Active Contributor 755 posts since
    Feb 16, 2011

    OK, I have a very reasonable solution to the problem that I have with VRBO offering up 10 comparable properties to everybody who sends me an inquiry.  Main problem, most of those properties are agency managed, and many of them pay the absolute minimum for their listings (bottom tier) while I pay the maximum.  My last test showed only one property that was higher than mine in the default list.


    Solution:  VRBO, please consider this.  Go ahead and offer comparables to my inquirers, but just like your default position ordering (those who pay more get into a higher tier, and within a tier, position depends on tenure), but offer up ONLY THOSE LISTINGS THAT ARE HIGHER THAN I AM IN THE DEFAULT LIST ORDER.  This seems only fair to me.




  • jeffbailey Contributor 102 posts since
    Jun 3, 2011



    I would love to see HomeAway provide public APIs that would allow third party application developers to gain access to HomeAway data like an owner's calendar, inquiries, reservations, etc.  There are a lot of services that that sprung up over the past few years to help owners and property managers in the vacation rental business, but its difficult to provide tight integration with HomeAway. For example, I have an popular iPhone and iPad App in the App Store called Vacation Props that allows owners to quickly respond to inquiries from major listing sites like VRBO and HomeAway.  However, I have no easy way of automatically syncing with the owner's HomeAway calendar and have to gain access to new inquiries from the owner's email account instead of directly through HomeAway.


    If HomeAway would open up access to this data, it would be a win for all parties involved.  Owner's could more easily manage their properties, third party application developers could provide better services, and HomeAway would strengthen their position in the marketplace by having a robust third party markeplace that had tight integration.

  • anja Senior Contributor 1,555 posts since
    Aug 9, 2011

    The one thing that I would want HA/VRBO to change:


    Lose the "bulk inquiry" feature.

  • New Member 17 posts since
    Dec 11, 2011

    Implement better sorting + clarify default sorting


    Before I pay for advertising, I go to the site to see how I can find a property in my area as a renter. As an owner in a competitive area (Tahoe), I need to be able to differentiate my property somehow in order to justify the advertising cost. A couple of years ago I chose TA-flipkey mainly bcz their sorting system was the best and I have been happy. I own 2 properties and I really want to post at least one of them on the HA sites, but current sorting options is not there yet.

    On the same line of requests, they could add regional sorting/searches based on area of interests not states. For example, when someone looks for north tahoe, they don't care if it's on NV side or CA if there are only few miles apart. Most current sites go with states. Regional sorting option (state-independent) would convince me to list.

  • New Member 17 posts since
    Dec 11, 2011

    Consolidate your sites + reservation manager for all sites


    As an owner, I can't decide which of HA sites I need to list and ROI of advertising won't be that good to do all. Top 3 traffic sites for vacation rentals are 1) VRBO 2) HA 3) vacationrental. They are all owned by one company and compete for traffic. Reminds me of old GM with many self-competing options. You don't need to kill domains, just redirect and consolidate. The 4th runner up on traffic is TA-flipkey, but their annual traffic growth is 110%, compared to 30% growth of your sites. It's not hard to do the math and see that they will eventually catch up thanks to TA with X5 traffic compared to HA #1 site.  

  • New Member 13 posts since
    Sep 15, 2011

    Re: If I could ask HA/VRBO to change one thing, it would be............


    When potential guests send an inquiry, please STOP recommending alternate holiday homes on my inquiry form. 


    I, as an owner, have paid to advertise my holiday home, and ONLY mine........ to then take that, and use it to other owners' benefit is disingenuous and is not in MY best interest.  I have "played" by the HA rules in regards to the contract that I signed with them, and then they go behind my back, and thousands of others, and do this to me.


    As Travis, the HomeAway "mouthpiece" has clearly stated on this forum, HA is trying to be more user-friendly to "travelers" (potential guests).  Therefore, in this instance, it should be the TRAVELER who should compensate HA for the "advice" that he/she is being offered.  How, I don't know, but it is clear that HA have reversed their policy for being a service to property owners, and is now more concerned with travelers.


    Additionally, HA should offer all property owners the ability to "opt out" of free "advertising" for other similar holiday homes in their neighborhood/town.  Should an owner wish to do this then, likewise, his/her property would not be allowed to feature on other inquiry forms.  This simple procedure would then permit those owners, like myself, the ability to advertise, manage and run my property according to my rules, and not be subjected to HA s' property management style of doing business now. 


    The way that HA is now running its practice is no different than allowing property management companies free rein to advertise on their website......... but this issue is already under heated discussion on another forum!!!!!

  • susaninrehoboth Active Contributor 878 posts since
    Sep 3, 2011

    This post is a great idea. Hopefully, VRBO/HA will pay attention when lots of people want the same thing.

    My one thing I wish VRBO/HA would change: Stop suggesting other "comparable" rentals.


    As an advertiser, I feel it is so wrong. As a traveler, I find that the "comparable" rentals are not truly comparible. So I think from the point of view of both owners and travelers, it should stop.

  • missmissy New Member 23 posts since
    Jan 15, 2012

    I would add a free preview for owners. 


    That way users can set up their vacation rental and preview it for as long as they want without paying.  The rental would not show up in the listings until  the owner has paid for the advertising.

    • marilyn Active Contributor 459 posts since
      Nov 9, 2011

      A few days ago I had a very ugly conversation with a prospective renter. They wanted to pay with a credit card or thru Homeaway and I stated we were not set up to do this. They felt that since Homeaway RECOMMENDS this, it must be the way to go. I said that each home owner decides how they will handle payments and that all of us operate differently. They felt that I was not a legit home owner and would therefore not rent with me.


      Homeaway, please DO NOT tell my inquiries that they should not send checks. For eleven years we have never taken anything other than a check and this has worked very well for us. Renting homes for 11 years without a problem or bad review should attest to my honestly. Homeaway makes it sound that checks are bad.



      • Contributor 36 posts since
        Jul 6, 2011

        Hi Marilyn,


        I had a similar situation just last week, although I had no phone contact. This person, who also owns a vacation rental, inquired without providing a phone number or even a name, mind you. I was tempted to not to respond at all but politely sent them the information anyway. She asked for the Rental Agreement and once I sent it she wanted to put down the deposit via online payment because "I'm not "comfortable" giving out their credit card over the phone". I politely replied that unfortunately I don't take online payments, that we all do things differently and was sure that she would find a suitable rental that she felt more comfortable dealing with. That was the end of that story.



  • New Member 4 posts since
    May 22, 2012

    I would like to have prospective renters looking for a date & location to be able to filter for what properties are available then and there.  Way, way too many booked venues show up - sometimes eight to ten times as many that are still available.   Most of the above comments are to make it easier for owners.  I would like to make it easier and less confusing to my clients, and prospective customers.  This is just dumb and makes them look elsewhere.

    • sophie Senior Contributor 969 posts since
      Mar 4, 2011

      VRBO/HA will be implementing this very thing soon. It is in the test stages now. There will be a filter that will filter out all properties that are booked for the prospective renter. This will be great for both the renter and owner. The renters won't have to wade through tons of properties that are booked and the owners won't have to deal with tons of inquiries on days that are booked.

      • Active Contributor 543 posts since
        Aug 25, 2011

        Sophie >>It is in the test stages now.


        Are owners involved in the testing?


        If not, is it possible to get us involved ASAP.  Quite a few previous changes to VRBO/HA were not properly vetted by owners and have caused us great consternation and made the site, in some cases (e.g. garbage in our e-mail inquiries, new "review" requirements, etc..), quite unusable.


        At minimum, not involving us in these decisions has had a negative effect on owner "buy in" for changes by HA/VRBO.  We want to be successfull and, as your paying customers, we want you to include us in the decision making process.


        Please let me know how we owners can get involved in the alpha/beta/release candidate testing.




        • sophie Senior Contributor 969 posts since
          Mar 4, 2011



          I do not work for homeway in any capacity. I am only a vacation rental owner who provides my thoughts and knowledge on the forum.


          During the next few weeks approximately 20% of travelers will be seeing the beta version of the date filtering. HA will be collecting feedback and satisfaction on the date filtering. HA has been collecting feedback and information on date filtering through different sources from both owners and travelers.  More information will be released in the first week of June.

          • Active Contributor 543 posts since
            Aug 25, 2011

            Hi Sophie,

            >> I do not work for homeway in any capacity.


            I see.  I was confused by "Ambassador".  Can you tell me what that means?


            >> HA has been collecting feedback and information on date filtering through

            >> different sources from both owners and travelers


            Do you know how we can proactively get involved?  Communication with owners is notoriously bad at HA/VRBO and I'd like to help facilitate.




            • sophie Senior Contributor 969 posts since
              Mar 4, 2011

              Here is a link you can read about the Ambassador Program




              I do not know how you can get involved. Maybe you could email Travis to see if he can give you insight. His info is just above this post.

            • anja Senior Contributor 1,555 posts since
              Aug 9, 2011

              Hi Peter,

              We {Community Ambassadors} are not involved in either the planning of, or testing of the "filter system" that is in progress, currently.  We have not got the priviledge to be in a "focus group" either. We were informed a few days ago that there is an A/B test, as sophie stated, within these next two weeks {it has begun}.  We didn't know in advance of this testing what was being planned, either....but perhaps it was touched upon at the recent Summit {?}.  I could not attend.

              About an hour ago, I sent a message to Laura {Moderator in the Ambassador Forum} ask her if I may give more details here, about the testing. I have some specifics, but I'm not sure if I may give them here  {I  know that HA has a message that will go out to all VRBO Members...and I don't want to "step on anyone's toes"}.  If she says it's okay, I'll post what we were told, here.

              • anja Senior Contributor 1,555 posts since
                Aug 9, 2011

                I just reviewed what we {C/Ambassadors} were given by Laura, earlier...and I do not think there was any "restrictions" for us to share it.


                We {Owner/Ambassadors} were only informed on May 16th that a filtering system is being  A/B tested for the next two weeks involving approximately 20% of travelers who will be receiving filtered results based on "calendar availability", on VRBO.  From those results, HA will measure traveler satisfaction along with the impact on inquiries to owners.


                We {Community Ambassadors} have not individually been asked to participate in the testing, at any the way. We are not a priviledged class,  in that or any other respect.   We do, however, participate {voluntary} in *teleconference calls* ...topic related...and there have been about 2 or 3 --I think-- since the C/A program started.  A topic is chosen, someone from HA specializing in that area is on the call, and we can ask questions, and give our opinions and ideas....the ideas stem from much of what is discussed on this open Community Forum....we read the threads and  can bring concerns up. We're not engaged in anything behind the scenes that would not be representational of the concerns and issues of  majority of owners here.  And, we do not work for or even formally "represent" HA.....we represent Owners...our common  interests.


                HA/Quote: This test is in response to owner and traveler feedback that we've received for a long time - many owners have indicated that getting an inquiry for dates they're already booked is a waste of their time.  •VRBO will start filtering out properties that are not available, instead of showing all properties like we do today  •VRBO will also be filtering out props with out of date calendars (105 days old) HA/Unquote


                Many owners, in this open Community Forum, have complained about wasting time with inquiries for dates that are booked. So, HA is trying to remedy that.  The aim is for more qualified inquiries for our listings. When a traveler searches from homes using the calendar filter, VRBO will only show properties that are available for the entire length of stay based on calendar availability. They will filter out properties with calendars that are out of date {not updated in the past 105 days}


                Now:    In the Ambassador Community (closed area) of this Forum, there is currently a thread on our viewpoints, concerns, ideas, regarding what some of us feel a "filtering" should and should NOT do. The discussion is ongoing...some C/As have specific, we'll see what comes out "in the wash" when the testing period is done.


                We've not been given an opportunity to act as Focus Group or Testers, per se.  We've just been informed. The greater Community and all of VRBO's members will be informed by HA soon (start of June when they have results in), as far as I understand in a general  "Owner Update".    That's all I know, to date.

                • Active Contributor 543 posts since
                  Aug 25, 2011

                  Hi Anja,

                  Thank you very much -- you're a true Ambassador.

                  HomeAway really needs to make this kind of communication general to all us owners.


                  Personally, I've been bellyaching for this search feature for years.  However, the devil is in the details and a poor implementation can render it useless.  Just in case anyone at HA is listening, here is my wish list:


                       1. Allow owners and guests to enable/disable the feature

                       2. Allow guests to enter tolerances (e.g. they might enter a Sat to Sat 7night stay that is unavailable at my property but they would have been perfectly happy with a Fri to Fri or Sun to Sun stay.  Let them enter +/- days for search criteria.


                  Hmm.. I think that's it.  This is a pretty obvious and simple feature.  I'm very happy that it's coming and, frankly, baffled that it took so long.


                  I really appreciate the communique!


                  • anja Senior Contributor 1,555 posts since
                    Aug 9, 2011

                    Hi Peter,


                    To further clarify what the C/As are doing for this particular topic...


                    Upon being "briefed" on this new filer, a number of the C/As "chimed in".  One of them raised concern for "partial availability" {the filter will ignore it and only return results for the full period requested}. There is a legit concern for that detail.


                    Another member is asking whether an option can be included so the inquiring party could check whether they are willing to adjust their dates by a few days.


                    And, yet another member asks if they can allow the OWNER the option to participate in this ....whereby they can still opt for the "Contact Owner for Availability" on their listings and thus still get "all" inquiries. And...further, provide the TRAVELER the option  to provide either "specific Dates" OR have an option that they can check that says, "I'm flexible".


                    A few other members have made good comments and suggestions but those above relate to what you've touched upon. Personally, I haven't really contributed my views to this new filter feature --- I've been hopping on and off my computer the past few days, and sporadically spending time in the Forum. I've had guests turn-around twice this week so I've been a bit stretched. I need to focus on this filtering and see what I may be able to contribute to the discussion...but actually the other C/As have covered a lot.


                    So, the discussion continues.  But, it will be up to HA to make the final decision, after they glean results of the A/B testing ...I have no idea how much of the C/As comments will translate into implementation. I'm at least happy with HA in that they have taken up this issue. I can thank them for this Forum in which we were able to make our views (and complaints) known...that they read it...are testing...and they will implement a change in the inquiry filtering.  My wish and hope is that the final version will be effective and useful tool and not a new bell/whistle.

                    • Active Contributor 543 posts since
                      Aug 25, 2011

                      >> One of them raised concern for "partial availability"

                      >> {the filter will ignore it and only return results for the full

                      >> period requested}. There is a legit concern for that detail.


                      Agree with this concern 100%.  Without this feature, frankly, what's the point of implementing any filtering?


                      OPEN NOTE TO HOMEAWAY:

                      I'm both an owner and a traveller and, when I travel, my dates are always (always, always, always) flexible depending upon other criteria. 


                      Imagine, for example, a 2-week stay where I could have had the beachfront property that I would absolutely love but I missed it in my search results because they were booked for the very last day of the period I was interested in.  Imagine that my option was to stay at a crappy place for those same 2 weeks that was four blocks from the beach.   I can tell you that my dates would quickly become flexible (possibly I'll stay at a hotel for the final night of my stay -- or any number of other potential solutions).


                      Take, for example, successful systems such as airline bookings which show you prices for flights up to one week before and one week after the dates you enter.  This gives me options.


                      HomeAway -- if you are reading this -- please don't flub this feature.   It sounds like your Ambassadors have given this appropriate thought and provided you with valuable feedback.  Please take them seriously.




      • sfowner Contributor 33 posts since
        May 16, 2011

        Just to add my 2 cents. I do not like answering inquiries from folks who do not check the calendar BUT I want to receive ALL inquiries regardless. LET ME decide to answer or not.

        IF you MUST do this, The response should Always include houses with availability a week on either side so people with flexibility will not miss my listing just because one night in not available.

  • crescentbeach4u Community All-Star 862 posts since
    Sep 10, 2011

    On the Reservation Manager I would allow more blank areas for custom wording like to be able to add Security Deposit to cover things that insurance will not cover and take off damage protection as this is what is insured. Currently you get screwed by taking away Refundable damage deposit and applying the insurance.  Then if a renter lets their dog urinate all over the carpet and you have to replace it after finding that cleaning it will not work then you will never get your money back through the insurance as for #1 the contract is broken because they brought an animal and you did not realize it, and #2 the contract is broken as they do not cover for smoking.


    By adding a blank space where you can add a refundable security deposit you can then get some of that money back.

    • kiawahcottage Community All-Star 375 posts since
      Jan 1, 2011

      Hi Crescentbeach4u,


      I have used RM only a couple of times for very last minute bookings.  Both times I was able to charge a refundable damage deposit (as I always do) and I have not had to and would not use the damage insurance.  The click boxes are there, take your time.


      Also your contract should be worded so that if the deposit dosn't cover the damage they are responsible to cover it.


      for instance:


      "GOOD CARE DEPOSIT:  Said deposit shall be returned to the Guest(s) approximately fifteen days after departure, provided the post departure inspection indicates no damage and no extra cleaning.  If the deposit is insufficient for the payment of expenses, Guest(s) shall promptly pay any balance due.  No interest shall be paid to Guest(s) on said deposit."


      It's debatable if this would actually work but it tends to weed out the bad ones.  By the way, if there is no damage I usually return the deposit in 1 or 2 days.



  • missmissy New Member 23 posts since
    Jan 15, 2012

    Okay - I flipping hate the calendar because some people don't get that the night of the 9th is free when the night of the 10th is booked because the 10th is totally blocked out.  It would be so awesome if there could be a slash on the first day and last days to indicate that it is only partially booked.

  • missmissy New Member 23 posts since
    Jan 15, 2012

    The quote system makes my quote look way more expensive because it says


    Subtotal $500

    Refundable Deposit $300

    Total  $800


    It would be so way better if it said this:


    Total Lodging Costs $500

    Refundable Deposit $300

    Total Including Deposit  $800

  • New Member 16 posts since
    Dec 17, 2011

    I need the ability to pre-define email responses.  I want to create 3 or 4 standard responses that can be saved and invoked just like "Available".  Currently,  I have to go to custom, and type the same thing over and over (or paste from another document).  HA assume that everyone uses the same process (wrong).  After a few bad experiences (in case you're curious, it is illegal to deny rental based on age so it is a bad idea to post a minimum age on your site) we require that all guests submit  their contact information before they get the payment link. This allows them to be screened, allowing you time to book your sister into the rental and letting the guest know that it isn't available.

    • New Member 16 posts since
      Dec 17, 2011

      Stop contacting my guests without my knowledge!.  All HA owners should create a separate email account and book you own property so you experience what your guests experience.  I kept getting emails from very upset guests about a week before their stay saying I haven't given them instructions on how to get keys, where's the property, etc.  I found out that HA sends my guests an automated email saying that that should have heard from the owner, received key instrucations, etc.  This is very annoying.  If I hadn't booked the property myself, I would never had known this.  Now, I make sure they are contacted prior to one week, and that I address the issues that HA is going to raise.  HA should have an easy way to set up standard email template to address this.

  • New Member 16 posts since
    Dec 17, 2011

    Fix the Rental Agreement upload process!  I, and many others have compained about this before.  First, allow a PDF to be uploaded once to the site, and automatically added to each booking.  Second, require that the attachement be read!  Every booking has asked what the address once we used the attachment process for the Agreement.  Since the address, and other very important information is in that doc, it is important that they read it. At a minimum, code should be used to require the attachment be opened before they move to payment.  A better method would be to allow owners to insert a code at the end of the doc, that users must enter before moving to payment.  Now, I need to resend them all the information just so I know they've read it.

    • sage Community All-Star 966 posts since
      Jul 4, 2012

      require that the attachement be read!

      Good point.  The way in which the rental agreement is mis-handled is the reason I do not use Reservation Manager.  I think any decent lawyer would convince the court in a landlord-tenant proceeding that the rental agreement is not enforceable because it is lost among the HA terms of use and privacy policy which we all know no one reads. (And who among us want to make our rentals subject to a guest accepting terms of HA's documents anyway?)

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