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msdebj Senior Contributor 1,353 posts since
May 25, 2011
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Apr 16, 2012 2:53 PM

Anyone have new stain removal tips?

Hi all. We've talked abt. this in the past, but I was wondering if anyone has found any new miracle products.

I normally don't charge against any damage depost if a few towels are ruined by stains, but it's always nice to TRY to remove the stains. I've been a big fan of Carbona products to remove blood stains, but I think they ( like so many ) have changed their products to be EPA compliant., in the US.


So, has anyone found any new magic product?  (I've used OxyClean,hydrogen preoxide bleach, and the afore mentioned).  



  • stjvilla Active Contributor 624 posts since
    May 27, 2011
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    Apr 17, 2012 8:24 AM (in response to msdebj)
    Re: Anyone have new stain removal tips?

    We use the same products you mention, although some stores don't carry Carbona anymore.  Another go-to spray is Zout.  Sometimes it works when the others don't, even when something has already been washed.

    • amyg Active Contributor 323 posts since
      Dec 10, 2010
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      Apr 17, 2012 11:29 AM (in response to stjvilla)
      Re: Anyone have new stain removal tips?

      msdebj, our housekeeping service says they've had excellent results with the Tide stain remover spray.  I bought a bottle of it at Target a few months ago and it was twice the price of Spray N Wash--about $5 I believe.  But darn if it doesn't do a good job--even on stains that have been set in for awhile.  I like the spray because you can put it exactly where you need it.  Let it set a few moments, then use your finger nail or a scrub brush to work it into the fabric and after a minute or two, launder as usual. 


      I've always been big on using hydrogen peroxide for blood stains but the Tide spray does a good all-around job on stains.  For me, it's too expensive to leave in the cabins for guests to use, but certainly a good addition to the arsenal for whoever does the linen service.

  • Contributor 233 posts since
    Dec 26, 2011
    Currently Being Moderated
    Apr 17, 2012 2:31 PM (in response to msdebj)
    Re: Anyone have new stain removal tips?

    I like "kids n pets" for removing stains.  I was even able to remove a years old blood stain from vinyl that nothing else had done.  I use it on fabric, carpet, and in the wash.  It comes in a spray or a liquid.

  • anja Senior Contributor 1,555 posts since
    Aug 9, 2011
    Currently Being Moderated
    May 9, 2012 11:35 PM (in response to msdebj)
    Re: Anyone have new stain removal tips?

    I just noticed this thread, today. There are a few items that I've been using for several months now that I like. One is for laundry and the others are for cleaning different surfaces. They all do a very good job and I will continue using them. They are also non toxic and marketed as "alternative" cleaning products.


    1. S20 is a line of "alternative" cleaning products that I buy from the Home Shopping Network {}.  I've been using the laundry sheets to see if they would be an effective alternative to bleach on stains.  I really like these.  Toss one sheet in with each load of laundry. It's been very good on dirt and stains ...protein stains too. I've not used any bleach for months.  There are 100 sheets in a container.  The S20 product line has other cleaners.  Not sure if you can get these outsid of


    2. All-In-One Orange Oxy.  I get this at The Home Depot. Comes in a spray bottle and it's a multi-surface cleaner, carpet spotter and upholstery cleaner. Works great!


    3. Maintex Citrus Degreaser. This cleans and deodorizes.  Also from The Home Depot. Works great, too, especially around the BBQ area where guests often spill meat juices on the deck. But, I've used it indoors as well, on multi surfaces. Someone ate something in the bedroom, don't know what it could be, but it seemed to be a food stain on the carpet. But the time I got to it, it was quite dry -- a brownish color stain.  Spray.  LIghtly worked with a cloth.  Stain is gone.


    4. And, my favorite little cleaning thing is  "Mr Clean Magic Eraser".   Helps me a lot!!  This spongy thing takes those dark marks off the wall that guests leave behind from their luggage. And, it is great at cleaning the stove top. My cottage has an electric stove top / range and around the hot burners it sometimes get stained around each rim.  That "Magic Eraser" takes every mark away from around the burners. The sponge is very does no damage to walls or to any surface.

    • thaxterlane Active Contributor 779 posts since
      Jul 27, 2011
      Currently Being Moderated
      May 10, 2012 10:31 AM (in response to anja)
      Re: Anyone have new stain removal tips?



      Great post.  Thank you for the recommendations.


      I do use the Mr Clean Magic Eraser and I agree it is fabulous.  It has saved me an extraordinary amount of time I would have put into painting over marks on the interior walls


      I use Cerama Bryte for stove top cleaning.  I just purchased a new range and it came with a sample bottle for cleaning the gas burner elements (everything lifts off the range for cleaning).  A dime sized amount on a cerama bryte pad goes a great distance in removing cooked on foods.  I've only been using the cleaner and pad for a few weeks, but it works nicely, and it is recommended as safe for all cooktops.  It's available in chain stores and on amazon.


      Wow, I sound like I have stock in the company, which I don't.  It's just so very rare to find a product that works as it should . . .


      I've had less success getting stains out of carpeting.  There are always a few spots that escape my cleaners' notice and by the time I get to them, at the end of the summer season, they are difficult to handle.  My last installation of carpeting tended to a tan tone, rather than the off white I prefer, as it will hold it's look much longer than the ligthter tone. 


      Thank you, again, (everyone) for the recommendations. 

  • New Member 1 posts since
    May 10, 2012
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    May 10, 2012 2:29 PM (in response to msdebj)
    Re: Anyone have new stain removal tips?

    I LOVE Folex for carpet and upholstery cleaning.  Just spray on, work it in with your finger - sometimes your nail will work better - that's it.  You can get it at Home Depot and Lowes and recently I've seen it other places.

  • bend2011 Contributor 163 posts since
    Apr 28, 2011
    Currently Being Moderated
    Jun 28, 2012 5:02 PM (in response to msdebj)
    Re: Anyone have new stain removal tips?

    Club Soda for Red Wine.



    • anja Senior Contributor 1,555 posts since
      Aug 9, 2011
      Currently Being Moderated
      Jun 28, 2012 7:04 PM (in response to bend2011)
      Re: Anyone have new stain removal tips?

      Thanks...that's a great reminder!


      One of our guests spilled a glass of red wine on one of the "cream coloured" sofas. They first, dashed out to buy club soda.  The husband then came to my door to tell me about it  {good boyyyy}.


      I had them slip off three of the sofa's seat cushion covers {that was some big glass of wine} and a throw pillow,  so I could soak and wash them ....the club soda he used did a great job of dissolving the "genormous" spillage....and it all washed out completely.  The couple felt awful ...wife was welling up....but I was able to declare them "heroes" for quick action getting the club soda....sofa is saved....hurra!   Happy again.


      My tip:   I do keep large bottle of club soda under the kitchen sink closets in my units --- with a note taped across it that says:    For wine stain removal,  only!

      • Currently Being Moderated
        Jun 29, 2012 5:14 AM (in response to anja)
        Re: Anyone have new stain removal tips?

        Thanks to all who mentioned Mr Clean Eraser - it recently became available here in France.  I had forgotten how well it works on walls.  Now will not have to smuggle it in from the US!


        Stain removers here tend to be really harsh, and we can't add bleaching agents to the washing machine.  I rely heavily on plain white vinegar for most jobs.  It works well on red wine, got tomato sauce out of my rug and removed chocolate stains from the sheets - a "chocolate body-paint party"...


        I toss a cup of vinegar in with every dishwasher load, to counteract our very hard water, and about 1/4 cup goes in every laundry load.  Dishes / clothes come out spot-free / soft, and the vinegar really helps fight the mineral deposits in both machines.  

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