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Apr 9, 2012
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Apr 9, 2012 11:10 PM

Is it normal to have paid in full and availability calendar not showing the time we are staying three months after full payment was made?

I am very concerned as this is my first experience with VRBO and I'm thinking the owner may have ripped me off. I paid in full for the apartment and received the address and keys in the mail (which I thought was quite unusual, but as I said this is my first time doing this. My BIG worry is that when I view the availability calendar it shows only a few days of my 10 day stay have been blocked from the calendar. When I saw this I thought it may have been a mistake. However I have emailed the owner stating my concerns and asking him for a reply. The first email went unanswered so I emailed him using the enquiry form attached to the property, but instead of enquiring about the availability I asked him again to set my mind at ease. I did receive a reply to the 2nd email but it made me worry even more as it was if he hadn't even read my question! He simply wrote that the apartment was available and stated the cost! So, in other words although I have booked and paid in full he is telling people who enquire that it is STILL AVAILABLE! I am sick with worry about this as we are travelling from the other side of the world to this apartment and it is not looking good. Also the person I dealt with never used his surname in the emails and the rental agreement  but simply had the dates and cost I paid but no address of the property. I didn't even notice that this was missing until after I had paid. Any suggestions as to what I can do would be most appreciated! P.S I did read reviews and there were 55+ positive reviews.

  • sophie Senior Contributor 969 posts since
    Mar 4, 2011



    If you haven't already, you need to phone this owner immediately!! It might appear that there is some major mis-communication. Most things can be resolved with a phone call. Did you sign a contract? How did you pay? When is your stay for?

      • sophie Senior Contributor 969 posts since
        Mar 4, 2011

        I'm glad to hear you paid by credit card. This is what I would do it it were happening to me:


        1.  Phone the owner. You will get a better feel for the situation. If you feel everything is ok, then you need to do nothing else.  If, however, you feel something is wrong....


        2. Phone your credit card company and start a claim for reversal of charges.


        3.  Find a new place to stay. You still have 4 months so hopefully you can find another property, (hopefully better) and remember, there are new properties coming up on vrbo every day.


        To me, it does sound like it's a bit fishy. As an owner, I respond to all email correspondence normally within an hour.  I assume the owner is in a different country. Is this run by an owner or management company?


        If you would like, you can private message me the listing # and I can take a look and possibly do a test inquiry to see what happens.


        Also, if you need personal recommendations for other properties, you can go on another travel board to get help with that!

        • amyg Active Contributor 323 posts since
          Dec 10, 2010

          Sunnymum, you might want to check with VRBO customer service to see if they have any record of guest complaints with this property.  It seems odd that the property has 55+ positive reviews; you've been mailed address info and keys...yet you do not have the name of the person you're dealing with, the calendar is not up to date and communication is extremely poor.  Something doesn't add up.


          It sounds to me like this owner is one scattererbrained fool and doesn't keep up with things like they should...or you could have a scammer that's hijacked the email address of the owner and you're dealing with them and not the real owner.  I would contact VRBO immediately if you haven't done so to report your concerns.  Thankfully you have paid by credit card and if you find that this is not something you want to go through with, you can cancel the transaction.  I'm sorry to hear that your first experience renting-by-owner is certain not the norm and I am glad that you are proceeding with caution to get answers and resolution as soon as possible.  This is certainly not the way that most vacation rentals are run by owner and you are wise to be diligent.  Please keep us posted on what comes of this and good luck!

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