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2012 HomeAway Summit - Social Workshop Follow Up

Posted by jennifer on May 17, 2012 5:11:20 PM

After a great social media workshop during the 2012 HomeAway Summit there were lots of questions that we brought back to follow up on for you.  This post will address some of them and we'll be creating demonstration videos to further explain other topics.  We'll be posting additional follow up topics soon so stay tuned for more!



  • What is a good tool for scheduling Facebook or Twitter posts for a future date?
    • is a free or inexpensive option to schedule content, monitor comments and review analytics.

  • Where do I go to create a Facebook page?


  • What should be my page category?
    • See a more detailed discussion of this topic here


  • What should I name my Facebook page if:
    • I'm located in a complex?
      • Suggestions would be:
        • Complex Name & Property Type (Windsor Point Condo #251)
        • Complex Name & Property Type (Windsor Point Condo Rental)
        • Location & Property Type (Aspen Condo Rental or Aspen Condo)

    • My property has a name such as Hilltop Hideaway?
      • I'd suggest using your property name and including the destination
        • (Hilltop Hideaway in Aspen or Hilltop Hideaway)


    • My business is an LLC?
      • This will depend on how you market your business/rental. Do you use your business name or the name of the property/properties?
        • If you actively market your vacation rental using your LLC name then your page should be that name as well.
        • If you have a name for your house or are okay with using a naming convention similar to the 1st example, that would be the option to choose.  The About area on Facebook provides a significant amount of space to provide information about your business and contact information, so that would be the best place to include that. See the HomeAway About section


    • I'm a property manager / I have multiple rentals?
      • If this applies to you there are a couple of questions to ask. Are all of my rentals in one location? Do I promote my business name versus the location of my properties?
        • If you own/manage rentals in a single location consider using a naming convention such as Premier Property Management or Premier Property Management in Destin
          • In this case you'd have a single page where you put information about all of your vacation rentals
        • If you own/manage properties in multiple locations you can name your page with your business name and advertise all rentals on the same page or create individual pages for each property with one of the above naming conventions.
          • Premier Property Mangement Aspen or Hilltop HideAway by Premier Property Management


    • I want to include a popular local activity in my name?
      • Suggestions would be similar to Hilltop Hideaway Ski Condo, Windsor Point Ski Condo


Note on Page Names: You can try a name variation and occasionally it will be rejected in which case you'll receive an email from Facebook informing you that they'll change the name.  Facebook guidelines state that pages should have concise names: Page names may not be excessively long, and may not include taglines, superfluous descriptions, or unnecessary qualifiers, such as "official." Campaign names and regional or demographic qualifiers are acceptable (e.g. Nike Football Spain).   See name guidelines



  • How do I choose a customized URL for my Facebook page?
    • See detailed information on how to get a customized URL here

  • What is the difference between a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page?
    • See the Facebook Help Center answer for a good definition and list of differences.

  • Can I convert my Facebook Group to a Facebook Page?
    • Unfortunately you aren't able to convert groups to pages.  There are a few things you could do to entice group members to Like your new page such as:
      • Offer a coupon, discount, gift card, etc as an incentive.
      • Start a discussion in the group about the purpose of the page. Let members know what they can expect to find there and why they should connect.
      • Start a discussion asking what the group members would like to see on your page and update them when that content is available.
      • Offer "insider tips" for your local area on your page and link to them within the group

  • How do I get data/analytics on my page?
    • Facebook has a great tool called Insights that will give you a significant amount of data about your page. Read about all of the features and FAQs here.


  • On my Facebook page, using the Milestone feature, can I add multiple photos?
    • You aren't able to add multiple photos to your Milestones on Timeline. If you'd like more than one photo to show I'd recommend creating a small collage using a photo editing tool and saving that as a single image to use when you add a Milestone.


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