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My husband and I are new at using our second home as a VR, so we are newbies at VRBO.  After reading about a number of topics on the community blog especially with regard to scammers we're a little suspicious of a recent inquiry.  The inquiry states that they are hosting a family reunion and that they want more details and pictures of the back yard, etc.  They listed 6 people and want to rent it a year from now (April 2014) for a week and they also want to take a look at the property before they rent it.  From what I've seen on the community blog is that you do not give the location of your property (address, etc.) until you send out your agreement, which list your property address and shouldn't we receive payment in full before allow individuals to view the property?  Not sure if I'm overreacting, but our home is 2200 sq. ft. and the maximum it sleeps is 8 and with a family reunion we're afraid more individuals would end up staying overnight in the home. Also, not sure what we will be doing a year from now with our home and we really do not want events to be held at our home.  Is it bad to say that we do not allow events to be held at our home or that we do not book that far out (2014)?  Not sure how to repond to this inquiry, but I am somewhat concerned because I'm not sure if this is a true inquiry or a scam?  Any advise would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!