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Help Displaced Residents

This group is dedicated to temporary housing relief efforts for those displaced by Superstorm Sandy.

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Owned by: meredith


Group Type: Open

Created: Oct 29, 2012

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Re: New York 1 year ago by harlemrental
Thank you! 1 year ago by meredith meredith
Ct Properties....Discounted for Misplaced Homeowners 1 year ago by yvette.fournier
Re: Pennsylvania 1 year ago by jdages
Re: New Jersey 1 year ago by jcvacationhome
Re: RE: Georgia 1 year ago by reservationsc21
Re: Florida 1 year ago by
Re: North Carolina 1 year ago by reservationsc21
Berkshire 1802 House 1 year ago by berkshire1802
Re: need help listing my property for superstorm sandy victims 1 year ago by dottie
Re: Virginia 1 year ago by potomacpride
Re: Maine 1 year ago by andrewbeal
Re: Michigan 1 year ago by serenitysnest
Re: South Carolina 1 year ago by serenitysnest
Florida panhandle and New Orleans 1 year ago by kathryn.smith
Re: Washington D.C. 1 year ago by victoriam victoriam
Re: Maryland 1 year ago by visitoc
Discounts for Savannah, GA for Sandy evacuees/displaced homeowners 1 year ago by savannahga
Issues: Documentation of victims, triggering long-term rental regulations 1 year ago by carol carol
Re: West Virginia 1 year ago by theresa.johnson
Re: Have a beach, pool, waterfront house in south Fla 3 miles to beach to help victoms of Sandy 1 year ago by james.chapman
Rental in South Carolina Pawleys Island accommodates 4 1 year ago by tuscany2sea
Rental in Dutchess County for 2 people 80 miles north of NYC 1 year ago by tuscany2sea
Re: PA Property Storm Discount Available 1 year ago by
Folly Beach, SC 1 bedroom condo discounted for hurricain victims 1 year ago by susanb

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