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Key Secrets of Vacation Rental Photography

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Created on: Aug 22, 2012 11:14 PM by meredith - Last Modified:  Sep 19, 2012 12:55 PM by meredith

Title: Key Secrets of Vacation Rental Photography

Speaker: Alan Egan

Audience: Vacation Rental Owners & Managers


The webinar covers essential concepts of photographing vacation properties, including;


  • Preparation
  • Staging
  • Foreground
  • Lighting
  • Action shots
  • Color Balance
  • Capturing the perfect blue sky
  • Highlighting Doors and Windows
  • Straight thinking...and giving it your best shot.


About the speaker:



Alan Egan


Alan has been involved in the online vacation rental business for nearly ten years. He started off as a sole agent for around 30 villas in Portugal, photographing properties, writing copy, setting rates, as well as marketing and promoting his hand-coded listings website. As he spent more and more time at the photography stage he found certain techniques sold more weeks than "standard" photographs. Word spread and soon other owners and listings sites were asking him to shoot their properties too. He became a full time photographer around 4 years ago and started the concept around two years later in order to teach owners the powerful techniques he innovated over the previous years. Alan left the UK in 2000 and has been cruising a on his yacht (named “Life O' Reilly) ever since.

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