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... Because Cleaning Matters

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Created on: Aug 1, 2012 1:45 PM by asunnyone - Last Modified:  Aug 6, 2012 2:07 PM by asunnyone

Sunny, Housekeeper Extraordinaire of Cleaning Matters, is a professional housekeeper serving Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington and the surrounding Cape Fear Region of North Carolina.


Currently, she serves a range of Cape Fear commercial and residential clients including medical office cleaning, vacation home cleaning and housekeeping for executive homes. Sunny also helps manage several family-owned properties and has been involved in the property management and houskeeping field since 2006. As schedule permits, she also works with Top Brass Company, assisting with a range of metal restoration and specialty fabrication work.


In addition, she subcontracts with property management companies cleaning beach rentals during high tourist season and regardless of turnover demand, maintains the highest housekeeping standard imagineable--the references provided by property owners, management companies and private clients are demonstrative of Sunny's regard for every task and guest. As a HomeAway vendor, Sunny hopes to establish new long-term business relationships with Wilmington area property owners -- particularly those in the vacation home sector.


Amenable  to new challenges, she's seeking housekeeping clients who realize the  value of extraordinary housekeeping at exquisite and affordable rates.


Prior to housekeeping, she spent years in the marketing and communications profession as well as crisis services response and management. 


Sunny may be contacted at, and is always happy to share marketing expertise with the HomeAway Community.  


... Because Cleaning Matters:  5 Things to do Today


  • Make it Clear: As a landlord of long-term rentals, a professional executive housekeeper who supplements income cleaning both high-end and low-end beach rentals, I usually find dirty glass on every job, regardless of owner income, employer, contractor, tenant attentativeness or market sector. When cleaning, don't neglect storm doors and windows, patio or balcony glass, window tops and shower glass bottoms. While most cleaners focus on mirrors and the glass 'right in front of you,' make sure your guests can enjoy the full extended view -- inside and out. Besides, pet noses like glass, too, and their curiosity leaves the telltale sigs that many housekeepers miss.  This step alone, no matter how fantastic the housekeeping among your competitors, will separate you as the best among the rest. And don't forget screens. They're dustcatchers and a dirty screen will hide a a clean window every time.

  • Get Intimate:  Make sure your housekeeping considers your guests' most intimate moments. While they might forgive a little sand in the beach house during high season or fireplace ashes at My Mount Chalet, bathroom sanitation can never be overlooked or overestimated. Pay careful attention to grout, limescale or rust stains, faucets and plumbing fixtures, bathtubs and shower glass, drawer handles, drains, drain plugs, showerheads, shower curtains. corners and trash cans... the toilet brush should be as clean as the toilet. While you're there, look beneath the sink, and make sure your child-proof supply closet provides guests the means to leave your home comparable to the way they found it. Ideally, you want bathrooms so clean that your guests are comfortable with their toddler children crawling in there. Are you? Strive to be so...that goes for under the sinks, too.

  • Let's Eat: Next to the bathroom, the kitchen is paramount--especially if you're upselling the cookspace. A good cook will not only cook on vacation, a good cook won't cook in a dirty kitchen. Chances are, you're supplying basic cookware, dishware and utensils. Are they clean? Be sure, because the dishwasher -- especially when overloaded -- often fails. How's the Jenn-Air downdraft vents, the grease filter, the burner pans, or the gasket on the dishwasher? Is the disposal fresh? Toaster clear of crumbs? Does the ice bin offer yellowed cubes that taste like they were made last year? What's been leaking in the trash bin? And are supplies ready, clean and waiting for cooktime, dinnertime and cleanup detail? Inspect your kitchen: finger cupboard shelves and faces, drawer and cabinet pulls for stickiness, fingerprint and grime, eye baseboards for spills, scuffs and lingering mopwater ... and don't forget the mishaps and leave-behinds that hide between appliances and under them waiting for your next guests to discover! These are the details that are often overlooked until they stink. Really!

  • The Guarantee of a Good Night's Sleep: In the good old days, people kicked tires when buying a car ... and bounced on the motel mattress to test drive the first day of vacation. Times have changed. The feel of your mattress pales to its age, wear and look -- the comfort of a bedroom rests more on the time and detail in preparation than it does on the price of the pillowtop. Truth is, most guests will sleep deeply in a bed that's clean, clearly laundered, sanitized and bug-free -- it's the thought of bugs that keep them awake at night! Good housekeeping ensures bedroom sanitation from top to bottom. That means cleaning beds and beneath beds between every guest stay. That means mattresses are stain-free, pads are freshly laundered as well as duvets. Pillow shams and bed skirts are laundered; pillows are unstained. Bug checks are mandatory and preventive measures can even be marketed when the extra housekeeping measures are your standard practice and routine -- a value add to your rental deal. Zzzz....means cleaning really matters.

  • No Way Out? Spending Nickels and Saving Dimes: Regardless of how focused you are on housekeeping and best-practices property management, you may experience problems from time to time. Set the highest housekeeping standards possible, and maintain them--whether you hire the best housekeeper possible or clean the place yourself. Address any issues promptly, graciously and respectfully with guests -- make sure you have a way to resolve any problems (and circumvent them) during your guests' stay.


Think like the guests do: while it's your investment, it's their vacation. To you, it's the future. For them, it's right now. And regardless of your supplies clause, they won't remember the fine print when they reach for the toilet paper in the bathroom. They've just arrived and the roll has come up empty. Meanwhile, your stranded guest remembers the other paperwork: your mandatory, nonrefundable cleaning fee and that's a heckuva first impression! The housekeeping budget is worth those extra nickels and the time spent--and the returns for your attentiveness, care and concern are priceless.


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