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A Home Versus a Hotel

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Created on: Jul 2, 2012 12:08 AM by laura - Last Modified:  Aug 6, 2012 9:55 AM by meredith



While vacation rentals hold a tremendous amount of appeal thanks to their unique character, diverse amenities, and often-spacious accommodations, there are some important distinctions between a vacation rental home and a hotel.


We asked property owners and managers to chime in regarding some of the lesser known – yet important differences – between a home and a hotel.


  • As a guest, please remember sometimes things happen unexpectedly, such as water heater failures, appliance malfunctions etc. When these things happen, its simply unfortunate luck that it occurred during your stay. Do not judge the quality of the entire vacation rental based on one unfortunate incident. Judge the owners response to the problem, how quickly they attempt to rectify it and their overall concern for the quality of your vacation. When a dishwasher breaks it doesn’t have to ruin your entire vacation, when booking vacation rentals enjoy the adventure and be flexible. – Mike


  • My advice: Be honest with the owner and yourself about what you need/want in a rental.  If a property is missing something you feel is essential, you won't be happy and there are plenty of other rentals out there!  - stjvilla


  • …. don't think of this as a hotel or motel, where you can call to book the next night or two with no advance notice, or else expect to merely book 2 or 3 days.  We clearly state our minimum rate is one week, although we will pro-rate on a daily rate up to an additional 3 days before rounding up to the next weekly rate. It takes more preparation to get a large vacation rental ready than a single hotel room in a building of rooms constantly staffed with housekeeping. - swlinphx


  • My advice for visitors to non-US properties, especially if it is a first visit, would be to do your homework! We are more than happy to supply some basic tourist info and advice, detailed instruction manuals for the property, local insider tips and suggestions, even multi-language dictionaries…My job is to provide you with a lovely place to stay while you enjoy your visit.  I will make sure you are very comfortable, and I will even spoil you a little, but that's all I can offer.  For the rest, you will just have to hit the bookstore and the Web. - manouche


  • Although guests are cautious, we as homeowners need to be doubly cautious, as we are supplying a very expensive venue. Homeowners are far more at risk than guests. - Marilyn
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