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Encouraging Positive Guest Reviews

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Created on: Jun 6, 2012 12:51 PM by meredith - Last Modified:  Aug 13, 2012 4:34 PM by meredith

Title: Encouraging Positive Guest Reviews

Speaker: Susan Mitchell

Audience: Vacation Rental Owners & Managers

Original Date: July 11, 2012


This lively webinar will help you strategize ways to obtain the best possible reviews for your vacation rentals. Learn how important up-to-date calendars and marketing materials are for getting positive reviews on the HomeAway websites. Nearly 100% of our guests tell us they chose our condo because of the reviews - testimonials are the #1 way to find new renters!  This webinar will demonstrate how to marry customer service and obtaining positive comments with repeat business, the concepts cannot be separated.


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Susan Mitchell,

Susan Mitchell started three years ago. Her career began at The Athens News in 1983 as Photo Editor. In 1989, Susan earned a degree in Public Administration and concentrated on child abuse prevention. In 1992 she helped open a rehabilitation center for troubled youth, turning felony offenders into contributing members of society.  She now finds being self-employed, working from home, and marketing three condos in Key West to be the absolute best job yet! Helping people vacation in paradise is a dream come true! Her background in visual communication aids in website effectiveness, while her background in social work helps in unexpected ways everyday working with vacationers and support staff in Key West.




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