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Vacation Props - Answer Inquiries Quickly on your iPhone/iPad

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Created on: May 2, 2012 7:01 PM by jeffbailey - Last Modified:  Nov 2, 2013 12:35 PM by jeffbailey

Vacation Props users respond to an email rental inquiry in an average of 60 seconds! ** Redesigned for iOS 7 **

Don't lose a booking to another owner that responds more quickly to an inquiry email from VRBO, HomeAway, Vacation Rentals, FlipKey or other listing sites. Reply quickly and accurately to email or phone inquiries from potential guests with less effort. Keep the most important information about your vacation rentals at your fingertips:

• Availability calendars

• Base and seasonal rates

• Rental fees

• Inquiries and reservations

• Other property information

Respond to most email inquiries with just a few taps using our innovative email templates. Start by configuring your email account and then Vacation Props will automatically detect new inquiries from VRBO, HomeAway,, FlipKey, and other configured inquiry email formats. This feature only works with IMAP email (POP email is not supported). Alternatively, you can also copy the email right from your email app. When a new inquiry is detected:

• Vacation Props automatically analyzes the inquiry, checks availability, and calculates the quote based on configured seasonal rates.

• Tap through the quote screens to review and customize the quote, including answering any questions from guest.

• Use fully customizable email templates to automatically create a response.

• Send the email response to the potential guest and the quote is automatically saved for future reference.

• When the guest decides to book, turn the inquiry into a reservation with a few taps.

Other features include:

• Quickly create a rate quote from scratch (no inquiry email needed). Great for calculating a quote if a potential guest calls you.

• Customize your email templates, which are automatically filled in with details from the quote. The appropriate email template is used when the property is available, already booked, or if the length of stay is shorter than the minimum number of nights allowed.

• Import availability information from iCal URLs.

The powerful rate quote engine in Vacation Props provides flexibility in creating quotes that meet your specific needs. For each property you can configure a variety of information that is used to generate the quote:

• Seasonal Rates allow you to configure different rates for different times of the year. The property’s Base Rate is used for all other times of the year.

• Nightly, Weekly, and Monthly rates are supported for each rate period.

• Special Nightly Rates allow you to have different rates for certain days of the week.

• A configurable tax rate as well as flat rate or percentage-based fees are supported. For example, the property may have 8.5% sales tax, a flat $100 cleaning fee, and a 5% booking fee.

Deciding if Vacation Props is right for you:

• Except for iCal integration, there is no automatic syncing or login with services like VRBO or HomeAway.

• You have complete control over the body of the email, but only plain text email responses without attachments are supported.

• Download the user guide from our web site to learn more about Vacation Props.

You can also upgrade to Vacation Props Pro with an in-app purchase and get additional features, including:

• Support most other inquiry email formats by providing a few hints about where to find important information.

• Flag Inquiries and Reservations for followup.

• Followup Emails. Use our powerful email templates to send followup emails to guests, cleaners, property managers and others.

• Guest History. Quickly know if the guest has made previous reservations or inquires.

• Resend quotes or send a saved draft quote.

• Customized email subject lines.

• Integration with Vacation RentPro, a leading Vacation Rental Management application for Windows.




See our web site for more information or to download the user guide:


Vacation Props in the iTunes App Store:

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