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Created on: Dec 30, 2011 12:40 PM by myvrzone - Last Modified:  Jan 4, 2012 10:16 AM by myvrzone vacation rental management software tools have been developed to reduce the time needed to manage vacation rental homes:

  1. Ideal for Owners  that manage their own units without full-time staff
  2. Owners regain control of their lives by letting do the repetitive and error-prone tasks.
  3. Owners spend less time managing their properties and yet provide a better level of customer service.
  4. Providing services since 2004


What can you take advantage of?

The following list is an overview, there are many more items that can be seen on the full feature list (see links at the bottom for that).

One availability calendar to update that keeps the following calendar views updated automatically:

  • Your own website
  • Numerous advertising sites (including HomeAway sites)
  • Mobile phone calendars
  • Desktop/PC calendars

Embed Forms/Information on your own website:

  • Availability calendar (including a mult-property view) that can be customized to match your site style.
  • Request/Inquiry Form
  • Booking Form (with your terms, collection of full guest list and electronic signature)
  • Feedback form (with standard ratings)
  • GuestBook display (from feedback form content)
  • Rates display (kept up-to-date with your account settings)

Respond to inquiries in a few seconds:

  • The system extracts the request info from many different listing site inquiry emails automatically
  • Quotes are created automatically that match the request - for requested and nearby dates if set up for that
  • Quotes can include multiple currencies and multiple properties
  • Choose or edit quotes for inclusion in a response if needed
  • Preview and edit the prepared email if you want to, or just send it. The email is customizable.

Online booking & payment:

  • Any quote that has been sent to an inquirer can be booked by them online - the same dates and rates, no changes except for options that you allow them to include or not (eg Pool Heat). You are in control of what can be booked.
  • No typing is required - the booking is converted to a reservation automatically (defaults to Pending status, but you can change that)
  • Guests get a secure online account for viewing their reservation status and making payments
  • Payment can be made via PayPal or the Integrated Credit Card provider (you need to set up that merchant account first)
  • All payments are recorded with the reservation automatically

Inquiry Response Tracking to ensure best chance of successful delivery

  • Emails are tracked to determine if they are opened or not (many get caught in spam)
  • A reminder can be configured to send out another (simpler) email as a follow-up to try again. It has a link to the original email.

Custom reminders and newsletters

  • Set up unlimited reminders that can send emails automatically or be added to a list for you to review before sending
  • Send follow-ups to past guests and to inquirers that have not opened their emails
  • Create newsletters to mail to your guests

Reservation Management

  • Add new reservation directly if not booked using the online booking form
  • Add payments that have not been made online (eg checks)
  • The system knows your payment schedule and using reminders can let you know when something is due
  • Use the predefined email templates or customize them for sending to your guest

Lock code generation for ResortLock or eRentalLock locks

  • The system will automatically get the correct code and include it in the reservation
  • Any time you change the arrival/departure times a new code will be fetched - no forgetting to do that
  • The code is typically displayed in the arrival letter send to the guest after full payment


  • For taxes, status etc
  • For reviewing advertiser performance (where did inquiries and bookings come from). This is all collected automatically.



... there are no other vacation rental management tools that give you same freedom and flexibility.


Further discussion

To ask questions in this community, please see the discussion thread here:

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Please check out these other links for further information and details:

MyVRZone: Main website

MyVRZone: Contact us for more information

MyVRZone: Feature list and comparison for each subscription type

MyVRZone: Pricing

MyVRZone: Knowledgebase - more details on how it all works

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