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Summit 2013 - Call for Speakers & Presentations

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Created on: Dec 16, 2011 2:11 PM by meredith - Last Modified:  Dec 17, 2012 4:38 PM by meredith

2013 HomeAway Summit: Call for Speakers & Presentations
May 17-19, 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona




All vacation rental industry leaders are invited to submit proposals to present sessions at the 2013 HomeAway Summit.


You don’t have to be a professional speaker! We are seeking presenters who have a passion for their topic and can provide education to enrich vacation rental owners and property managers.


The Summit will feature a wide variety of topics - from cutting edge technologies to business fundamentals. This is a great opportunity to showcase the expertise and knowledge that has gotten your business where it is today.


Proposal Guidelines
All proposals must be submitted to the Community by email in 250 words or less.

Send to

Proposals may be submitted by individuals or by a group of presenters.Deadline February 1st.


Presentation Format
All sessions will be approx 45 minutes in length.
Sessions will be equipped with the following:

  • LCD projector & screen, computers
  • Lavaliere and hand-held microphones for presenters
  • Community team will work with you to hone and perfect your content


Suggested Topics (feel free to submit on a topic not listed)

Vacation rental industry trends
Financing your vacation rental
Setting your rates
Buying & selling: Vacation rental real estate markets
Marketing to different groups of travelers
Holding special events at your rental
Creative marketing of vacation rentals
Managing multiple properties

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