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Community Guidelines for Vendors

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Created on: Nov 11, 2011 12:41 PM by tkeeton - Last Modified:  Nov 11, 2011 1:22 PM by tkeeton

Community from HomeAway will provide vendors access to Community registered members by providing server space and management tools that enable vendors to promote their products, do product demonstrations, and interact with rental managers, home owners, resorts, developers, travelers, and timeshare promoters.

Requirements of Participation

  • Vendors will be a registered member of Community from HomeAway.
  • Products will be reasonably relevant and valuable to the vacation rental industry.
  • Vendor will provide information about its company
    • Years in business
    • Contact information, including main office address
  • Vendor will provide information about each product it advertises:
    • Product description
    • List if key features (feature set)
  • Agree to allow Community members to rate Vendors and products
  • One time each month, Vendors will participate in the Community by:
    • Responding to at least one community group blog inquiry asking for vendor opinions on trends or issues.
    • Responding to at least one poll measuring vendor optimism or expectations regarding trends or events that may affect the vacation rental industry.
  • Agreement to Conduct guidelines below (and as may be amended from time to time).
  • Acknowledgment, understanding of and adherence to Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Content Guidelines.



The Showroom will be a resource where Community members and others can go to find and compare products and services. While participating in the Community Vendor Showroom, vendors will be respectful of both subscribers and competitors and maintain a presence that generates trust of both the vendor and the Vendor Showroom, according to the guidelines below, as they may be from time to time amended.

Participating vendors will:
  • Identify themselves clearly when participating in the community;
  • Conduct themselves with honesty, fairness, taste and decorum;
  • Be respectful of other vendors and users;
  • Refrain from any negative comments about specific competitors;
  • Refrain from any advertising practices that may be considered misleading or deceptive;
  • Conduct all business outside of Community (no transactions including registration forms or payment widgets); and
  • Use HTML to create Vendor Homepage (no Javascript).



HomeAway may implement website features that allow vendors, products and product features to be rated by users.

  • The review system allows responses by vendors.
  • Vendor understands and agrees that Community subscribers may discuss Vendor’s products or services in Community forums in accordance with Community Conduct Guidelines.


No Sponsorship or Endorsement

The Vendor Directory is simply a venue for vendors to contribute to the Purpose. HomeAway does not support or endorse the vendors or the vendor products or services and is in no way affiliated with such third parties. HomeAway is not responsible for vendor’s actions or participation on Community and, should you choose to transact with a vendor, that transaction will not be governed by these Terms.

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