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Sample Invoice for Vacation Rental Bookings

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Created on: Oct 22, 2010 12:06 PM by community-editor - Last Modified:  May 29, 2012 11:31 AM by meredith
sample vacation rental booking invoiceWhen you confirm a booking with your renters, you should do more than tell them that their payment went through.  Creating a formal invoice for your guests will help you to easily track their payment status and provide them with proof of payment.

This sample invoice is helpful for those vacation rental owners who prefer to do things manually, but with our Reservation Manager product, invoices are created automatically. Reservation Manager creates professional invoices, and other documentation for your renters, quickly and easily.

Below is a sample invoice we have created with all the must-have information.  You can easily create an invoice in Microsoft Word, Excel or even Quickbooks.

You should use these forms only as a model.


Homeowner Information:


Your Name
Your Street Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Email:
Your Website:

XXX-XXX-XXXX (Homeowner’s Cell)
XXX-XXX-XXXX (Homeowner’s Cell)

Reservation Information:

Rental located at:
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code

Check-In Date: Month DD, YYYY after Xpm EST (No early check-in please)
Checkout Date: Month DD, YYYY by Xam CST (No late checkout please)

Number of Guests:
Adults: ____
Children: ____
Pets: ____

Payment Information:

Fees: Amount: Status:
Refundable Security Deposit$200.00Paid: Date & Payment Method
Rental Rate$1350.00
Cleaning Fee$75.00
Taxes (X%)$156.75
Total Rental Payment: $1581.75
1st Payment Due Month DD, YYYY$790.87
2nd Payment Due Month DD, YYYY$790.88
Balance Due: $1581.75

Payment Methods Accepted:
Visa, MasterCard, Discover
Please make personal checks payable to _________.

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