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Sample Contracts & Checklists

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Created on: Aug 26, 2009 4:16 PM by community-editor - Last Modified:  Dec 10, 2013 3:05 PM by beth
sample contracts for vacation rentalsWhether you're just getting started or trying to simplify your processes, our sample forms, contracts, and checklists will help you manage your bookings and your property.

From the moment you decide to rent your vacation home to travelers until the time your first guests arrive, you'll want to create clear and thorough processes to keep your vacation rental business organized.  You can use these forms and checklists as a guideline and download the printable versions so you can edit them to suit the needs of your particular property.

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Sample Rental Contract

Your rental agreement should reiterate the details of the booking and outline what is expected of you and your renters. Our sample includes:
  • Booking confirmation letter
  • Rental agreement with variations on clauses to suit the needs of multiple propeties
  • Rental rules
  • Hurricane and storm policy
  • Credit card authorization
  • Pet addendum


Sample Invoice 

Creating an invoice for each of your bookings serves as proof of payment for you and your guests. Our sample invoice includes:
  • What contact informatin to include
  • What rental information to solicit from your guests
  • How to outline your payment schedule


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Sample Inquiry Responses

Learn how to save time and seal more bookings with our downloadable sample inquiry responses, which includes:
  • A checklist for responding to vacation rental inquiries
  • Sample auto-responders and email signatures
  • Suggestions for initial inquiries, canned responses, and discount requests


Download Now

Sample Directions & Pre-Arrival Information for Guests

Suggestions for what information to provide to your renters prior to their arrival at your vacation home, including:
  • Directions with local attractions, rental rules and household how-tos
  • A checklist to ensure that all necessary details are included
  • Suggestions for area tips to provide depending on the type of location

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Sample Welcome Letter & Checkout Policy
Instructions for your guests upon arrival and departure from your vacation home, including:
  • A welcome letter that serves as your check-in policy
  • Emergency information to provide for your guests
  • Sample checkout policy

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Sample Security Deposit Refund/Withholding Letters
Suggestions for corresponding with your renters regarding the return of their security deposits, including:
  • A follow-up letter to renters receiving a full refund of their security deposit
  • A follow-up letter to renters receiving a full refund and requesting a review for your online guestbook
  • A letter informing your guests of damage that resulted in partial withholding of their security deposit
  • A letter informing your guests of damage that prevented you from refunding any portion of the security deposit

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Sample Renter Feedback Survey
Encourage your guests to provide constructive criticism about your home with our:
  • Suggestions for questions to ask your guests following their stay
  • Instructions for using online survey tools to easily gather feedback

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Checklist: Creating Your Vacation Rental Listings
Learn how to improve each component of your vacation rental listings on:


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Checklist: Vacation Home Cleaning & Maintenance
Keep your home in tip-top shape with our cleaning and maintenance checklists, including:

  • Suggestions for cleaning between rentals
  • Seasonal cleaning and maintenance tasks for each room of your home and the exterior
  • Must-have cleaning items

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