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10 Personal Effects You Should Leave at Your Property...and 10 You Shouldn't

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Created on: Nov 18, 2010 11:02 AM by community-editor - Last Modified:  Jul 25, 2011 11:08 AM by meredith

1. One or two family photos. books upright 300.jpg



But not:

A shrine dedicated to each of your grandchildren.


2. Books for children and adults.


But not:  Anything too political, religious or racy.


3. Family-oriented movies.


But not: Home movies or anything you wouldn't want your

     eight-year-old to watch.


4. Your favorite recipes.


But not: Complicated dishes that require scads of hard-to-find ingredients.


5. First aid supplies like Band-aids.


But not: Your  personal prescription bottles.


6. Coffee, tea, sugar, and creamer.


But not:  Opened food items that are perishable.


7. Sunscreen and/or bug spray.


But not: Your  well-worn sun-hat and snake chaps.



8. Handmade decor like quilts and seashell centerpieces.


But  not: Your child's kindergarten hand-print.


9. Office supplies like pens and paper.


But not: Personal stationery with your smiling face on it.


10. A computer.


But not: Your personal PC  with your income spreadsheets.


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