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Fees 38 Percent - Wow (1) 2 weeks ago in Policies & Procedures

I have used VBRO a number of times before, but this time it just seems like I paid so much more for my "additional" fees.  I paid almost 38 percent in fees, and I didn't even opt for the...

Cleaning List Says Wash Comforters Every 10 Visits? (1) 1 day ago in New to Renting

I'm a newbie, just listed for the first time last week. And the Cleaning List said Comforters are washed every 10 visits, I'm hoping they mean the comforter itself and not the duvet cover. True, I'm...

Re: resort insurance request - please help (2) 1 day ago in New to Renting

Hi there, What the owner expects is a certificate by the Insurance Company where you have insured your current permanent home that they extend their coverage for civil responsability to the rental...

Re: 5 - 7 days for clearance!!! (3) 2 days ago in Advertising your Rentals

Hi Tansy,                 I have just come off the phone to "Holiday Rent Payment" asking why payments in to our account...

Person request pay by Cashiers check and send Money Gram (1) 2 days ago in Interacting with Guests

I just wanted to alert people that I received an inquiry and then a reservation request from England. The person's name is Katherine and her email address is  She claimed...

Re: A big drop in enquiries (71) 3 days ago in Managing Enquiries

Hi All,             I thought I might as well join this group for a bit of help etc. Our enquiries are down this year as well (genuine ones that...

Re: How to Receive Payment? (3) 3 days ago in New to Renting

Thank you for your response, and I didn't express myself very well, I wanted to enquire as to the best payment gateway that customers prefer.    Thank you very much.


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