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Berber Tours Morocco - Marrakech Desert Tours - camel trekking (1) 2 days ago in Reviews

Taking a tour is perfect if you want to explore and discover a Morocco full of hospitality, everchanging scenery and starlit nights. Explore the desert dunes on a camel, spend a night in a desert...

resort insurance request - please help (1) 5 days ago in New to Renting

Hi guys,   I have successfully got a rental in the south of France for August. The vendor has asked for house/resort insurance, what is it and how do I go about getting it as I have no idea.

AVROA questions (1) 1 week ago in Advertising your Rentals

I just listed my condo on AVROA. Does anybody know how to upload more than 1 picture? I couldn't find a calendar. Is there one?

France. Is it bad form to advertise anything other than rentals? i.e. services for owners (1) 1 week ago in Advertising your Rentals

I am trying to ascertain whether it is acceptable to offer professional services to owners regarding the offering of site-wide wireless connectivityto owners without it being considered as 'spam'?

Fees 38 Percent - Wow (1) 1 week ago in Deposits, Payments, Fees

I have used VBRO a number of times before, but this time it just seems like I paid so much more for my "additional" fees.  I paid almost 38 percent in fees, and I didn't even opt for the...

Re: A big drop in enquiries (66) 2 weeks ago in Managing Enquiries

We get an inordinate amount of fake enquiries from all the homeaway websites we advertise on, including Owners Direct, although less so for the latter, thankfully. The result is that the enquiry to...

Over 4 units (1) 2 weeks ago in New to Renting

Hi, I've recently started researching the viability of using Homeaway to advertise our rental apartments. However I can't seem to find one specific answer, which is what happens if i have over 4...


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