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Marketing Your Properties Discussions

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Apr 8, 2014 Possible to implement a Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel on my Homeaway page?
I would like to track conversions/actions that are the result of my Facebook advertising using Facebook's Conversion Tracking Pixel: Is it possible to place a pixel on my Homeaway page? Thanks!
Mar 28, 2014 How can you easily work all your Reviews & Testimonials from VRBO & all VR sites onto your own website?
I was reading in a Jay Abraham book that a business must get the most out of its testimonials. So, I was thinking of ways to get all the different ones from different VR sites together. I ended up copying & pasting the best ones into Schema (which is...
Mar 3, 2014 more rentals
Does nayone know how to obtain properties i a small company trying to obtain more propeties to mange
Dec 30, 2013 New to managing a vacation rental
HI everyone,   We are new to renting our second home as a vacation rental. We'd like to rent for long weekends from Nov - April, then offer the house with a min. 6 night/7say stay.   How do we know how  much to charge? We have water...
Nov 29, 2013 3rd Bedroom, What do you suggest?
We have a 3 bedroom beach condo.  The Master has a King bed.  We are thinking the second bedroom will either have two sets of bunks (sleep 4) or one bunk with a pull out trundle.   My question is about the third bedroom.  Should I...

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Customer Relations Discussions

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Apr 20, 2014 I can't send quotes or process payment from my ipad
It used to,work but since 1 week I can't send quotes or process payment from my ipad or iphone.  Everything is fine from my computer. Is anyone has the same issue? I tried to turn off the blocking of pop up and firewalls but with no result....
Jul 2, 2013 Need help from seasoned property renters
I am a new property owner to VRBO. I have a situation where I just had a renter that was dishonest.  After their visit my cleaning service informed me that there was pet urine and feces in my home. Also there were mud tracks on the carpet around the...
Apr 6, 2014 VRBO System emails messed up ...
The formatting of the VRBO client responder emails are now messed up. I've tried editing the email in the settings section but they are still a mess when we send them such as;   Dear Victor,\r\n\r\nThank you for your inquiry on our vacation rental...
Feb 28, 2014 How much toilet paper do you stock and how much theft do you experience?
We've been stocking TP in the bathroom with extra rolls in the medicine cabinet. We keep a couple cases of costco size package in the hall linen closet for the housekeepers to restock the bathroom. Recently six adults staying for seven days went through...
Oct 12, 2013 Should manager be giving us a discount?
We have had the same on-site management for 17 years.  They have a physical business office and small staff and at first they did everything: advertising, booking, finances, overseeing maintenance and cleaning, guest greetings, paying our bills,...

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