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"See" What Owners Are Really Talking About

Posted by loscuatrotulipanes on Jul 31, 2012 9:27:51 AM

If you've subscribed to my vacation rental advertising blog, you know I am a huge fan of statistics and visual representations as ways to increase our undertsanding and performance of vacation rental marketing. When it comes to digesting all the information out there, I liken good metrics to telling a joke: if it takes too long to explain what we're looking at, it probably won't succeed.


So therefore, I wanted to use an infographics I adore -- The Famous Wordcloud -- to help owners understand what their colleagues and peers are talking about on a daily basis. If you're not familiar with wordclouds, they are visual representations of the number of times particular words are used in any particular platform: the higher the frequency, the larger the word is printed in the word cloud.


Below you will find wordclouds representing each of the main categories of the Community by HomeAway Forum. They can help us quickly visualize the content of what's on vacation rental owners' minds.


1. New To Renting

new to renting.png


2. Advertising Your Rental

advertising your rental.png


3. Furnishing & Maintenance

furnishing and maintenance.png


4. Interacting With Guests

interacting with guests.png


5.Policies & Proceedures

policies and proceedures.png



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