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The HomeAway Software for Professionals™ blog has made the move to join the Community blog, PM Perspectives.  As you may know, this blog is currently written by industry veteran George Volsky and highlights the vacation rental industry from a property manager’s point of view.  George’s insights will continue to be posted each month, now with the addition of content from the HomeAway Software Management team, bringing news and perspectives from the software side of the property management industry.


Community is committed to continue the sharing of insights and perspectives of the industry as a whole.  With the recent addition of a dedicated section to property managers, there is a great opportunity to have many of our friends and colleagues together in one space to contribute and share their ideas and experiences.  Let us be the first to welcome you to the revamped PM Perspectives blog. 


For those interested in reading through the archives of the HomeAway Software for Professionals blog, please see the following links:

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